The Inconsistency (Feedback)

Hello, first of all, I would like to state that I’m new member in this Forum, I registered today because I have something to say, that I’m not happy with the direction our game is taking.

  • Creatures rebalancing:

Most hybrid creatures rebalance aren’t based on inherited abilities from the its DNA components and alienate hybrids from its parents.
Rebalance doesn’t address the real issue, and usually doesn’t solve the problem if doesn’t make it worse.
Some creatures that deserves a rebalance for how weak it is in comparison to its class are still left out till this day.

  1. Fearless Alert (Argenteryx).
    The problem with Argenteryx being overpowered as it is are two things, Fearless ability cooldown is only 2 turns allowing it to heal really fast and overwhelm any opponent. Compsonathus in comparison has Alert Scurry with 3 turns cooldown, it is still strong but not overpowered as Argenteryx is. Its base heal points are not enough for Resilient creatures to take one of flock with one hit by its base strikes. Vulnerability is always cleansed by Fearless Alert, so it is pointless to count on it.

  2. Skoonasaurus.
    Replacing medium Resilient counter with Decelerating counter was a mistake. Now Skoonasaurus damage can overwhelm any opponent and slowing them down prove to be worse case than how it was when it had Instant group distraction impact, because now all its abilities act first, Fierce creatures are able to deal only one hit against which is not Rampage one because of the delays then it get blasted on the next turn. The problem with Skoonasaurus is having a counter. Counter should be deleted and restricted group distraction impact should be turned into group distraction impact but not instant, to help it fight off Fierce creature as half cunning hybrid.

  3. Testacornibus.
    Why does it have “Minor heal on escape” and “counter power heal”? None of its DNA components had it, what Eucladoceros had was “Swap in heal” ability & resistance to “Swap prevention” 100%. These two abilities should have not been deleted and the first two that I mentioned should have been. Testacornibus is still overpowered as it is right now & that’s unlikely to change unless what I recommended is taken into consideration.

  4. Indoraptor
    As example of creatures that got left out. One of the most iconic superhybrids, yet still the least used by top players and there is no wonder why. It has no clear advantage against any class. Not much resistences despite it being mentioned in the movie that every muscle and bone in its body was built for combat, and the most infuriating thing of them all is that while it is half fierce, it is unable to deal with Shields. Not having defense shattering abilities, or even bleed effects to go around it. Indoraptor Armor Piercing Rampage should definitely change to Defense Shattering Rampage. Indoraptor should be also immune to vulnerability, speed reduction and rending attacks as well.

  • Hybrids & superhybrids creation.
    To create a Hybrid you need two normal creatures, and to create a superhybrid, you need one hybrid and one normal creature. If you have a unique creature or a superhybrid, you know for sure that you won’t need its DNA for creating future creatures and might as well level it up freely to level30 max.
    This is the consistency, the one that ended with your introduction of a new apex creature that is also created from a hybrid and a superhybrid. That’s unacceptable, and it will create much doubt for new players that aren’t sure if they should level up their creatures or not, in case of more creatures coming in the future.

Look, if you want a new apex, just add it, let it be earned by a raid, do not make it available for DNA fusion. If you do that, it solves the issue and end doubt. unless your goal is for players to obtain it by using dollars of course, such shame that would be.


Just because the movie says it’s super strong doesn’t mean it should be super strong in game. Again, Indoraptor is easy to make and is not supposed to be used in the endgame, only early or Mid game, where the player first unlocks it. It’s a “Baby’s first Unique!” Dino, not a team carry the entire way through Mid game to late game. It has three raids carrying players to getting it, easy to get ingredients. Friendly reminder that the harder a creature is to get, the stronger it should be, and Indoraptor, like I just mentioned, is not hard to get at all… No need for a buff. If it does get a buff, then it should be very minor, like Daring Strike and Daring Rampage instead of it’s APR and Cunning Strike, not on the scale you mentioned, where it gets DSR, Vulner Immunity, and Speed Decrease Immunity. Also, if Indoraptor and Indominus were similar to how they were in the movies, they’d be beyond busted.


That doesn’t solve the issue that it faces hard time fighting most if not all resilient creatures despite being half fierce.

But it is unique creature nonetheless and it is unable to fight off legendary and sometimes even epic creatures. “Class” is one the factors concluded in some leagues matchmaking according to game support, and having a useless Unique sounds counter-productive

Indominus is still quite useful, and unlike Indoraptor, at least it has many resistences and a fierce strike, so this is invalid comparison. Indoraptor is awfully horrible by all means.

Isn’t Indoraptor also part Cunning? So it should have a decent fight with certain Resilients without Shields, but will be shut down by resilients who do have Shields and Heavy Armor. It’s mostly a Speedster with decent damage output, and APR is only really there to counter specific Dinos. Indom is also Fierce but is shut down by Resilients with Cloak Removal and Shields, but beats Resilients who lack those options.

It’s not useless by any means. It’s a great starter Unique that helps push you from Mid-game arenas into higher game ones, like Aviary and Lockwood Library, where it gets outclassed by other Uniques, which should be better and harder to get than it. I used it myself, and it helped me a lot, even at just 21. Then, I began working and grinding on stronger Uniques, those who will get me farther than Lockwood Estate. It’s super good for a beginner player, but loses it’s value once you get stronger and stronger.

On it’s own, yes, it’s not great. Boosts factored in though? It’s actually pretty good. Nitro Indos can fare pretty well, since they’re usually much higher leveled and better boosted than their opponent, allowing them to overpower their adversary by being much stronger. Same case with Thor. It’s bad on it’s own, yet so many people use it. Why? Because it’s much stronger with boosts and is easy to level up, allowing them to over level and overpower most other dinos. A Nitro Indoraptor does the same. So it does serve some purpose, until you reach a point where it can no longer outboost and overlevel their opponents.
Also, friendly reminder that there are tons of Nitro Indoraptor users. Buffing Indoraptor would give these players a major advantage over others, because they have a higher level, much stronger Indoraptor than their opponents. You can have your opinion on whether Indo needs a buff or not, but I’d prefer to not face a Nitro Indoraptor every battle…


Hot take i want both indo and thor buffed or rather an overhaul. But we shouldnt stop there. This is literally just a branch of a root of problems all connected together. Those 2 are problematic only at aviary because of levels and boost and become horrible higher even with right builds. The problem with them sweeping teams is because theyre not where theyre supposed to be and fighting the wrong teams. The problem in higher arenas is that theyre actually terrible even to the more balanced uniques. Both are in tough spot because of other problems plaguing the game like droppers component availability boosts etc. I know its hard especially at this point but to solve 1 problem you gotta solve another 1 at the same time even if there are a ton of problems that need immediate fixing already

I personally really like the new apex because the players that don’t have a forum account or discord will find it very difficult to get apex creatures like mortem or gorgotrebax because of the lack of communication and because it’s really hard to get the creatures required to defeat an apex boss. But with the new apex it will be much easier for them to unlock their first apex

Indoraptor, for the last time, is only really good as a starter unique, and I really don’t see it having any other purpose than that. I think it does its job alright, of course its not gonna do well against a lot of uniques but I don’t think it was really meant to fight them. I feel like where most people unlock indoraptor they still fight a lot of legendaries, and I feel like indoraptor does well there, and thats where i think it should stay. And besides, boosted indoraptors still do pretty good in aviary, but they don’t really survive higher up thanks to testa and skoonasaurus, and trebax. Indoraptor is fine as is, or at the very least change evasive stance to camoflauge. Indoraptor does not need a buff because you will eventually earn hybrids that are way better.