The increase in lvls

Has created a much more difficult rally. 1st room monsters are equal to my crew.

Seems when changes are made, there is no thought as to its impact on other areas of the game.

I am really interested now that you’ve said that to see what happens when the next Raid arrives. With what you are saying and the stacking, hmm, mechanism, gone…I suspect many players who rode the coattails of the stronger players, who were able to easily complete many rooms, might be in the past? Stronger guilds won’t be affected. They will get the rewards. Some stronger players in weak guilds might think the extra work is a step too far.

what, you dont like fighting rooms full of lvl 23 armor constructs that have 10k hp and buff themselves with AC and have portals with 80k health? I thought everyone liked it taking 5 minutes to clear a room, its so much fun especially when after you clear it, you get put into the next room which is exactly the same! WEEEEEEEE!!!


King, that’s a great summation🙂

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Lols. You’ve forgotten what it’s like not to stack buffs. If I could do rooms that fast I’d sing. As it is, it takes me hours, plural, to get 50 of those trophies.

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They were not nearly as buffed as they are now stacking buff or not. I never faced lvl 23 armors with over 10k health with portals having 90k health as well before this patch. I did not level any of my characters after the patch either so its not buffed based off an increase of my levels. Before the change it probably took me maybe 2-3 minutes per room after room 10 or so, now by rooms 5 it takes well over 5 minutes if not longer.