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The increase in prize wheels

Has anyone else noticed the increase of those spinning wheels this week. They no longer give is the pack straight up… now it’s a stupid 6% chance to get what we SHOULD have gotten. Not to mention the 5 battles not 3.


I also noticed today that the VIP points prize wheel gave me the option for a second spin… for 950 Dino bucks. They’re not even trying to hide the fact they want us to pay more. “Yup, the rewards suck now, but you can at least pay Dino bucks for the option to double your sucky reward”


This is not to bad of an offer, it’s not great but it’s not terrible either. At least for a VIP member since you have a possibility at the 1,500 prize which will double to 3,000 on the high side and 700 which will double to 1,400 on the low side. So if you have extra DB laying around but need VIP points it’s not the worst way to go about trading them up.

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I agree @Sionsith if I remember it right the same spin was 2k+ last week so this is now an option where a gamble could give you a bigger return if you’re lucky. It is an ok adjustment, not great, but at least it appears that they’re willing to adjust.

I didn’t do it, but I was thinking about it :wink:

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I get what you’re trying to say but my point is that more events have the wheel that really shouldn’t. The aquatic event that used to give a climate shift pack is now a spin wheel. There is no reason to make the event into the spin wheel other than chipping away at the overall resources that we get.

I think they’re trying to distinguish more between certain events. I felt that the stake holder PvE got quite an upgrade today, I received 1k loyalty points (which got doubled due to VIP), I didn’t make any screenshots, but it appeared to me there were almost only higher rewards on the wheel? Maybe someone else can confirm that …

Yeah the other events are definitely downgraded with the pack separation as just a top prize.

Where I do see a problem though is the poor communication by Ludia, they always try to sneak those changes in, would be better if they could openly communicate what and why they change.

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The loss of packs is particularly hurting VIPs again since the resources in them were already of less value…but a daily loss of LPs is slowly nerfing one of the main reasons for even getting the VIP.


Oh man… I thought this terrible second spin for bucks is not there anymore…but nope it isn’t :neutral_face::weary:


I’m not so sure if it is really a bad spin option? If the lowest is indeed 700, that’s not too bad of a spin for a VIP.

Would be good though if Ludia could properly disclose the odds for each price. Then this is actually a good change.

That’s great! I think 1500 VIP Points is the highest prize you can get.

I got 1000 VIP Points today, but most of the time I just get 700 VIP Point minimum from this event.

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Hit the jackpot today


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