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The increased gems

To start, I hate the increased gems. I know the game gave 500 (or 600) free gems when the update happened but the choices on dates and reply choices have grown by too much. If the game is increasing the amount of gems to be used, they should give more gems on a daily basis rather than trying to monetize the entire game. Or some other way should be there to gain gems.


They’re just giving 18 gems in like 6 hours, and then some of the choices are raised to as expensive as 210 gems.

They want us to purchase gems to take the Special choices, and this is the point when the game starts loosing fans.

It’s becoming really annoying with all the gems we have to spent. I have Antoine open now and as I said in another thread there was an option for a pic at 330 gems (mind you the cg is nothing special). Then another option for a choice plus a selfie for 330 gems. And now on the call option a choise for 210 gems which is ok, a choise for 180 gems which is okish and the free one which is ridiculous

I think it is too much to spent… Especially since the only options to get gems are to buy them, which some people might not be able to, get vip which I think it’s a waste, or try to collect as many of the free gems as you can, which means that we might have to wait for days before continuing with a story.
Kind of dissapointed and frustrated now.


And the worst part is, sometimes the diamond choice isn’t even worth spending diamonds upon.

Sometimes we feel the situation is getting hotter let’s drop some diamonds for a premium reply, and the next moment your match leaves you hanging.

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I’ve mentioned this often