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The Indotaurus we deserve!

Thanks a lot! :grin:

Well I mean it’s bipedal like the artwork and wallpaper. The load screen shouldn’t be bipedal if the creature never gets on its 2 legs except when you tap on it in your lab thing.

Standing on all fours doesn’t change what it is though. The way I see it, an Indotaurus is an Indotaurus regardless of the pose it’s in. If we got concept art of a Hadrosaur standing on 2 legs, with all the same proportions of the current in-game Hadrosaurs, it would be pretty obvious that it would usually be standing on all fours apart from certain animations, and that wouldn’t in the slightest change what animal you’d be looking at, since they switch stances all the time. The body parts are all the same, the colouring is the same, etc. I’d love if Indotaurus actually stood up on 2 legs more though, and the same goes for the rest with that rig because canonically they are capable of doing so and do in other media (concept art and, in the case of Indoraptor, the movie and other games).


Especially on the map, the Indoraptor is seen walking bipedal.


You’re right, I completely forgot about that. So they have made some bipedal animations for the rig already, shouldn’t be too difficult to make the playable version stand up more then.

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Now if they did make the Indoraptor rig bipedal that would be great, they have changed creatures in the past such as Suchomimus I believe.

I think in the case of Suchomimus the model changed but the rig remained the same. An animation change in the lab would be something new (we’ve had individual ability animations change quite a few times) but it doesn’t seem too far out there. Considering this is Ludia I expect the most we’ll get is a bipedal ability animation though, which would still be cool.

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This is probably my first time ever complaining about the game. Lol
Despite some of the worse things that have happened. Lol

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Do you remember an old animation spinocon used to have? When it used to have exploit wound it had a unique animation where it could spit venom. So its definitely not out of the box for Ludias design team to do some special animation for IndoT.


Yep, I used to use Spinocon back then and it was one of my favourite animations. Still miss it.

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Here it is thought I would take a screenshot



This is what exactly happening in Itaurus’ case but you are right that something is different between wallpaper and animation!

Long horns

Humanoid like hands

T-Rex like stiff tail

Human like straight legs when stands up


Slightly small horns

Raptor like hands

Flexible tail

Indoraptor like folded legs when stands upf7dacce0d8e444c401fa86f812644935dedd984a_2_690x488