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The Inostherium

My first topic is about the stats of the Inostherium
First I talk about his health, 3000 of health is so low, I think that 4050 of health is better, later the atack is good but 1500 of attack is more balanced, later the resistances, Inostherium needs 100% resistance of stun, swamp prevention and crit reduction, and finaly the moves,he needs the same moves as Gorgotrebax.

Then what is the mean of unlocking Gorgotrebax, People will constantly boost it and level it which will destroy arena,
It needs a buff, I understand,
Not a huge buff , But a buff that makes it balanced, as it’s easiest to obtain…


Undoubtedly inostherium is fine, for the rarity that is this pretty good, you can’t compare a creature of rare quality to apex quality (which is the best of the best)

His resistances and stats are fine, but maybe having some “ferocity” in him suits him better.

Maybe replace revenge hit with fierce impact


That would allow a bit more fierce in him, but maybe RSI, that way his Revenge is basically the same, but now it actually is still pretty decent after the revenge effect.


It’s pretty good for raids tho, so why mess with that?

Insto is fine, its meant for raids. Maybe a little health buff to 3500, and Revenge Shattering impact

He was taking about mainly stats, and the change provided by BenauGr_FZ wouldn’t do much in raids

How would it affect my small adjustment? only RI is exchanged for FI

We can do the stats buffs since he is very weak in arena and that won’t really affect raid performance

What! Inostherium is one of the worse hybrids on JWA,I think that needs a buff because is one of my favourite JWA creatures talking about the desing

Raids have enterd the chat