The Isla Nublar Resort! The best place to talk about Jurassic World Alive and more

Hello everyone, we are working or growing a large discord server for everything Jurassic World. Our server primarily focuses on Jurassic World Alive, but we support other Dinosaur and Jurassic World games. Also, we provide a place to talk about the Jurassic World Movies, and many things that aren’t Jurassic World related. Additionally, for Jurassic World Alive, we have channels for gathering raid teams, talking about tournaments and arena, free cash links, and so much more! We aim to be a convenient place to enjoy yourself and talk about Jurassic World games and more! We are aiming to have 500 members in our awesome community, but we can’t do it without you!!!

Join our awesome server of amazing members today!!!

We hope to see y’all soon!!!