The issue with PvP

How are you supposed to do quality PvP if you cant control your team comp? Like it can really easily get stacked against you. Ive had 6 matches in a row where i get my lvl 3 new hero that i just unlocked in a fight vs lvl 7-8. Its sooo dumb


Hey Nikola_Mircevski, we really appreciate the feedback!

I’ll forward it to our team. :slight_smile:


When will the “team” update us on what’s being fixed. And also a release date for the update. :man_shrugging:t2: That would be nice y’know.

@Nikola_Mircevski - They seem to randomize the PvP as a way for you to not neglect your worst heroes. In reality it is not a bad idea to always push up your lower characters because the best gear comes from the gear packs you get for leveling characters, so leveling up your lowest hero is easier than pushing the max level and you get the gear packs faster.

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But there is no strategy. You don’t build teams and thus it’s just an exercise of random battling. Leveling up low level characters can be fun if they have something cool they can bring to the table once they are higher level. But with skills being locked behind gear and higher level gear, in my opinion, has weaker abilities… Nothing really feels like you are building a team to play against another player. Everything feels randomly generated. Also… And I think this would help out in a big way… Please, build in a way to concede a match. After the first two to three rounds, it’s pretty obvious when your team is going to lose. Allow players to concede if they want. Small quality of life thing that can make the pvp grind alittle less annoying.

So yeah, 1. Let us build our pvp teams if we want 2. Allow us the option to concede if a battle is proving lost


It doesnt matter really. Game is designed for getting 4/3 win for every 2 losses, whatever the team, if you run many matches

That would be fine if there wasnt a massive loophole in that thought process. How will you get the gear for the new heroes, if you cant beat people in arena to get that gear.

There’s plenty of other ways to get gear other then pvp. If you can’t win any matches it might be you that’s not playing correctly. Don’t let a character fall behind in levels. If you have one that’s weak concentrate on leveling them up

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Just unlocked Raika. She is only level 6. I am staying out of arena till I get a couple more levels. :slight_smile:

I think you are missing the point that i made. How am i gonna get a lvl 1 to 8 in a day

It not possible to level your heroes from 1 to 8 in one day it takes 1 week from level 8 to 9 that take 1 week all other levels after lvl 9 slows right down.