The Issues With Jurassic World Alive Right Now, And My Opinions For Ludia


The same with me right now. I am upto the “Badlands Level” and find it so hard to advance over 2300, because no matter what dinosaurs I use the other players just seem to be given a much more of an advantage by the Game’s Battling Structures for PVP Battles and the Countdown Timer is just slow right now, PVP Battles Need To Rotate Player Turns To Make It More Fair… I’m really starting to see that this App is more about spending money to actually advance, than what “Pokemon Go” and Niantic Inc. actually provide for users.

I’m starting to see in many ways that “Pokemon Go” is still more fair for users than what “Jurassic World Alive” is right now, because of the Prices Going Up, People Hacking and Spoofing this App, PVP Battle System Not providing a more fair experience, and just Heaps Of Errors that are an issue for this App right now…Plus the Lack Of Dinosaurs Migrating To Different Locations And Areas Throughout Each Day, All I see mostly in my location in Australia are just the same Dinosaurs popping up all the time for the past month, and very very minimal amounts of Rares and Epics showing up at all.

I’m actually upto the point right now where I’m considering not to Battle or even use “Jurassic World Alive” until ‘Ludia’ actually does make major changes and fixes to this App… Because I’m not prepared to waste a big load of money and play in battles that are not fair because Hackers and Spoofers are interfering and affecting the Application in a big way.

Hackers and Spoofers in Niantic Inc. “Pokemon Go” App don’t have as much affect on other users and that Apps Structures because of Niantic’s ability to add in a System that Bans Users Who Are Actually Spoofing And Hacking Their App… Also too “Pokemon Go App” doesn’t put pressures on users to actually spend real money, and Players Do Not Lose Any Amounts Of Score If They Win Or Lose and Battle. Instead whatever users do in “Pokemon Go” they still get rewarded with things like Small XP Amounts, CP Character Mounts, Free Items to help with catching, Free Berries/Fruit for Pokemon, Free Gym Battle Passes Daily, Exclusive Raid Battle Passes for Particular Legend Pokemon, Free Pokemon Eggs to Hatch while walking, Extra Scores when users catch Pokemon and spin Stops/Gym Tags and Performing In-Game Challenges, Free Pokemon At Times and Extra Candies and Stardust each time they catch a Pokemon to help them boost up their creatures collected… While “Jurassic World Alive” doesn’t have have a wide variety of in-game opportunities for us users. I do understand that this app is still only brand new and things do take a good amount of time to be introduced, but my advice would be for Ludia to introduce a very good System To Keep Out Hackers And Spoofers… and also fix up the issues that are a problem in this app.


You need to learn to not hit the caps button so much. Also lots of your stuff was eligible.
Not that some of your points arnt valid but that was horrible to read.


just move to a different neighborhood or part of your area to hunt. areas arent very big only a couple mile squares at least in my area where they change to a different localized spawn.


Idk, I just hit the 2000 pvp mark and never had a problem with others having advantages over me. I have purchased 1 €3 (limited time) offer and I can play just fine. The bigger problem imo is gold, my highest levels are a lvl 14 stegosaurus and a lvl 14 Majundusuchus. If I want to upgrade any further I need to pay about 10k for a single upgrade. And those 50 gold supply drops aren’t really helping at all lol


Same here. Main issue is gold coins. I don’t have a problem with arena honestly. I understand Some players drop to arena 1 because they want the bloody t rex and ended up making life miserable for other players. Nothing Ludia can do except to ban high level dinos in lower arenas?


Well I’m only sharing my opinions and hopefully suggesting ways that ‘Ludia’ can build up this App to make it more interesting in as it grows… I meantime Niantic’s ‘Pokemon Go App’ as a possible way that ‘Ludia’ can look at their platform, and grab similar ideas from ‘Pokemon Go’ for ‘Jurassic World Alive’ and its futur advancements in offering users more Interesting Contents. I for one would love the idea
,for example, of being able to Hatch Baby Dinosaurs (just like in the Jurassic movies) and gradually boost it up and make it grow into an Adult Dinosaur.

Also ideas for customizing your own Dinosaur, being able to get certain items to help with gameplay and special collectibles items from every “Jurassic Park/World films” for users to keep as game souvenirs… Wold actually be a pretty good idea.


Same here. The pricing is too much in Australian Dollars to spend.


What I really think is that PVP Arena Battles should be more automatically paired for users who are around the same or similar levels in XP… Instead of more stronger users with higher XP and Levels battling against lower level users.


Just send a picture of your team, I got +3000 trophies and most of my Dino are level 15, except stegoceratops lvl 19 and Einiasuchus lvl19


Here is my full list of collected Dinosaurs so far. I had to take a few screenshots though.


Screenshot 2 of my Dino List


Screenshot 3 of my Dino List


You have a pretty good team but by leveling up too many common Dino, you have spend so much coins, the thing is, common Dino have a limit, except a few like V-raptor, and so on… some of yours Dino have hit the wall: (ex: cost a lot of coins, lot DNA required) that epic or hybrid can surpass!

Just check in the ranking list, most of people are concentrate on hybrid, from the beginning people knew what Dino they want, this is the best way!

And if you need exp. fusing hybrids DNA will give you a lots just for 100 or 200 coins maybe less and also will give you a good hybrid for battles!

I have a lot of Dino that I suspend evolving! Most of them are useless for battle.


How the hell did you get over 140 darts? My incubators dont go over 140.


The main problem ia the p2w aspect of game, i spent more than 500 € so far and cant reach more than 3400 elo


That’s a bug, Ludia gonna fix it!


Actually, I believe they may have fixed that problem. The other day I leveled up to Badlands, but then lost. It put me back at the Shipwreck level (I think). Anyway, I won and it should have given me a level 4 incubator, but instead I got a level 5 incubator from Badlands arena. They may not let you collect lower level incubators once you’ve gotten past them, even if you are currently playing in that arena!


I didn’t even bother to read it, I would of read the Narina Chronicles well before I finish reading that post. . .

Tsk tsk Jokes i’m sure it was valuable and informative


Here is an idea! Remove the 10 and 20 amounts from the hybrid updates! Collecting dna from 2 dinosaurs many that require 200-500 is a pita as it is! It should be a minimum of 30 and raise the top end as well!


If you buy darts it will go over! I think that also works for purchased incubators!