The Issues with New Creatures (and Offering a Fix)

As has been stated many times before, new creatures are power creep incarnate, usually with less creep and the pounce of a velociraptor. Or the priority of a Preondactylus, but that kind of illustrates my point.

New creatures are just way too power crept over all the other ones. So, instead of only complaining about it and calling for nerfs without suggestions, I’m actually going to try and offer some.

Firstly: There is no baseline strength level for anything in the game. As has been shown by Fluff Claw (Thylaconyx), legendaries can now have avenues to compete with top uniques and even some Apexes (at least from what I can tell), and I’d be surprised if this came to a stop.

So, first thing’s first, we need to establish a baseline strength level for creatures in a rarity. How many things they can do, how their stats lean, and what sorts of upgrades they have from their relatives.

Obviously Commons are the weakest and Apexes are the strongest, but the strongest legendaries should at least be able to compete with weaker uniques, instead of fully overtaking them in many cases. Same goes for every other relationship between rarities.

As for the baseline I’m proposing, here’s an outline:

  • Commons get two moves and can do one or two things
  • Rares get three moves and can do two or three things (minus hybrids)
  • Epics get three moves and can do three or four things (minus hybrids)
  • Legendaries get four moves and can do four or five things.
  • Uniques get four moves and can do five or six things
  • Apexes get four moves and can do up to seven things.

By things I’m referring to buffs, debuffs and stats. At least one thing would be taken up by an important stat. For example, using Albertocevia:

  1. Attack stat (secondary speed)
  2. Revenge
  3. Ferocity
  4. Shattering
  5. Distraction

And now Albertocevia has a clear-cut route for it to follow based on its ingredients. Much of its kit would be balanced around its high-attack revenge capabilities and its Swiss army knife of a kit, with its speed and health balanced between its ingredients (on the higher end due to being a unique).

Note the lack of anything to do with swap-in attacks or counter-attacks, since #1 there’s no room for them and #2 neither of its components have any of those.

It would also be important to establish what a creature that is balanced for its rarity is like. What types of ingredients does it have? What does its kit look like? What do its stats look like?

Using another unique, I’ll provide an example: Quetzorion.

Orion has pretty good stats, a simple enough kit and both good and bad matchups that aren’t completely polarizing. So, let’s analyze it based on the procedure I provided earlier:

  1. Nullification (Tanycolagreus component)
  2. Armor-Piercing (Tanycolagreus component)
  3. Dodge (standard cunning ability)
  4. Shields (Pteraquetzal)
  5. Swap-in Status effect (Pteranodon)
  6. Counter attack (Pteraquetzal)

As you can see, Orion follows the “number of things” criteria I set rather well, and has stats and resistances that fit its niche as an anti-speedster speedster.

To clarify, stats of a creatures should be balanced between both its components and what its intended use is. You’re not going to be giving a chomper high health and speed, obviously, you’re going to be dumping the points into attack.

Resistances follow a similar idea, being set around battlefield use d what it has from its components. A speedster shouldn’t have deceleration resistance unless it compensates heavily (Alloraptor is a great example of this while its hybrid most certainly is not).

Another thing that would go a long way is making fewer moves. Moves nowadays can do upwards of three things thanks to alert systems and threatened states and whatnot, which is horribly confusing and a huge part of the new powercreep.

As such, I recommend that the devs stop adding so many new moves each update. They have far more than enough to work with that are already in the game, and making more would simply exacerbate the problem to the degree of bleeding players and money away from the game, a thing which honestly could already be happening.

Tl;dr: Set a baseline strength for each rarity, figure out what creatures are most balanced and balance new things around those, take stats and resistances based on components and intended battlefield uses, and stop making so many new moves each update by Hammond’s grave.