The Jurassic Fun Facts Page!

Fun fact: There are two creatures that tie for having the most health out if any pure cunning creature. These creatures are Gorgotrebax and Koolasuchus Gen 2.

Which is the third one?

It has defence shattering strike not fierce strike.


Fun Fact: Refrenatem’s frill is similar to Coelurosauravus’s wing.

Doesn’t have it

And the most counter damage

Fun Fact: Dilo gen 2 has the fourth most attack in the game at 1850

Fun Fact :- Blue is both cute and deadly.

Please universal don’t kill her in JW Dominion.

Fun Fact: After Thor’s most recent rework, Group Shattering Rampage is not available on any creature, so it basically disappeared.

The three are pachycephalosaurus, dracoceratosaurus, and glyptoceras

Dracorex Gen 2 is the only Gen 2 that doesn’t share the same class as the original. Gen 2 is Fierce, original is Resilient. As well, Indoraptor is the only original that has a mixed class not shared with the Gen 2. Original is Cunning-Fierce, Gen 2 is Cunning.


Oh my bad I thought you said grypolyth

Well yes but max damage implys the counter too

Fun Fact: Arctovasilas is the only creature which is mixed in with two exclusive creatures.

If we go technical, Haast Eagle is the fastest creature in the game.

What about touromolch

Tuoramoloch can reach a top speed of 252. Haast Eagle’s is 145, and Tuoramoloch is the fastest in the game. Other fast creatures include Deinocheirus (170 max), Sinokotaraptor and Haast Maximus (179 max), Arctalces (180.8 max), Eremoceros (201 max) Scorpios Rex (222 max), and Ceramagnus (226 max).


I was talking about base speed though. Should’ve clarified that.

In that case, Haast Eagle is tied with Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and Gorgonops for fastest base speed.


Haast is actually faster due to it having the highest rarity.