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Don’t jInx it

Forgot that thing existed

Fun Fact: The Small Pachycephalosaur animation contains creatures from all three classes. (Dracorex and both Stygimolochs are resilient, Dracorex Gen 2 is fierce for some reason, and Stegoceras is a Cunning Fierce aka “Daring”.

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Also, Stegoceras is the only Cunning Fierce aka “Daring” Nonhybrid in the game.

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Fun Fact: Indominus Rex and T-rex are the only dinosaurs with unique sound effects! No other creature in the game shares the same voices as them.

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Fun fact: Koolasuchus Gen 2 is tied with Gorgotrebax for the highest health of any pure cunning creature.


T-Rex also has unique sound effects.

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Fun Fact: Acrocanthosaurus, Thoradolosaur, and Nasutoceratops have special attack animations where they zoom in on the base attack


Dakota, Amphicyon, everything that has Shielded Decelerating Strike and several other creatures too. It’s pretty funny that they have close ups on basic attacks

All creatures with Group Cleansing Strike have it as well.

Edit: Not all of them, I don’t think Andrewsarchus has it.

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Well, not exactly.
While yes, most (if not all) of them have a close up, some of them don’t use their basic attack animations, like Andrewtherium and Megalosuchus.

fun fact: flocks are a annoying thing to people who dont have good dinosaurs like me : D

Fun Fact: Compy is a counter for Erlidom (But it has to be at least level 14)

Fun Fact: Dinosaur facts are fun☺️

Fun Fact: The word Mono means One, and the word Mimus means to Minus one’s power, so Monomimus translate to “The Nerfed One”….no I can’t actually back that up😂

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Fun fact: The youngest nonhybrid creature in the game is Dodo, while the oldest would be Ophiacodon.

Andrewtherium does use a close up shot of it shouldercharging you

Andrewsarchus has Cleansing Strike, not Group Cleansing

Oh, I thought it did because Amphicyon has it.

Fun Fact: The only difference between ‘Short Defense’ and ‘Long Defense Strike’ are different cooldowns (and icons, if you gotta have it). (That’s what I saw on Toolbox at least.)

Basically, apart from that, they’re the same ability.

Source: JWA Toolbox