The Jurassic Fun Facts Page!

Fun fact: Both the creature with the highest damage(Mortem Rex)and the lowest damage(Dimorphodon)in the game belong to the same class(fierce).


Fun Fact: Alankylosaurus is the oldest non-superhybrid creature in the game that does have a hybrid yet, followed by Dimodactylus, Procerathomimus, Dsungaia, Brontolasmus, Alloraptor, and Erlikogamma. Troodon is the oldest non-hybrid that doesn’t have a hybrid yet.


All the dinosaurs in the epic incubator are found naturally spawning on the map- except one

(And scutosaurus, I forgot scutosaurus)

Fun Fact - I now play JWTG

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I think anky and dakota are event exclusive. However I could be wrong.

Ankylosaurus gen1?

Anky and Dakatoah are both naturally spawn on the map

Fun fact: While listening to the animation that plays when you touch Pachycephalosaurus, Glyptoceras, or Dracoceratosaurus you can actually here a quiet sound effect of the pachy animation from JPB in the backgrounds.

(It’s very hard to hear but it was when the pachys butted heads in their animation when collecting coins from them.)

I’ll save the trouble of trying to find the sound effect yourself, so I took a video of where the sound plays :smiley: (make sure to have YouTube sound on)


Thats pretty cool!

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Speaking of sound effects…

Azdarchids in this game use vulture sounds

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Fun fact: Did you know that when anurognathus uses alert Frenzy it does not lower the opponents health once,BUT TWICE

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It bypasses Absorb too

Yeah about that…