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The JWA Advice Megathread

I did a search for this kind of thing and didn’t find a central repository for any and all advice for JWA players.

This game is full of decisions: how should I prioritize my DNA? How should I use my boosts? Which dinos are worth leveling up and which ones are best left at 11? Or 16? Or not creating in the first place? I’m hopeful that this thread can serve as a collective sounding board for those of us in a state of constant indecision, ultimately hurting our gameplay and overall experience.

Totally understood that: a) this is all subjective and depends on your personal strategy and style, b) most advice will be contingent on the the current game’s meta, and c) you are effectively offering up advice to someone you could meet in the arena sometime soon. But given that this is a game, and these are pain points we all face on a daily basis, let’s throw each other a few bones, shall we?

For the first topic, I’d love to get some collective suggestions on what to do with my absurd number of coins as it applies to leveling up my team. What would you guys recommend I prioritize? Given the caveats above, who should get the level-up and who should get the boot?

Thanks for playing along!