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The JWA concept of gaming and fun

To my research, and lack of anything but, I have come to the conclusion of the reason of JWA major downfall.

Chapter one: Draco, boost, and PTW

So we start with the first Broken dino of the game, Dracorat, a fine specimen of corruption and revenge. This sneaky beast still shows its power to this day, with it’s so called " nerf". The “nerf” was a fair one, keeping draco’s use of ending a game but minimizes its overall score. But the downfall started with draco.
Now, onto boost!!! :roll_eyes:
Boost are what caused pay to win. But not at first. First was grinding, a major thing this game is, a grinding game. Well, at least a year on ludia put them in the shop at 500-1000 hard cash, which is a clear sign of greed, and really not worth the buy. Boost are also what created monsters of the arena, monsters such as Procerat, Indo gen 2, and Moth. Now that, that created Ptw, a horrible thing to have in your game. Really only few gaming companies don’t do pay to win on their games, but those games are hard to come by. That’s why JWA really isn’t different than many other games.

Chapter two: Downfall of the players and their motivation.

So this is a short chapter. All I’ll say is Arena, Tourneys, Events(a few events). Also not getting a whole lot of good things these past few updates.

Final chapter: what really makes this game good:

DINOSAUR DESIGNS and alliances.

What this game could become is a well thought, grinding game with good rewards for the grinding. Which is what it really is supposed to be, with creating hybrids and stuff.
All this game needs is more of the communities wants/needs and this game could be good for everyone, and make it different than any other game out there. It is still able to be saved.