The JWA Hunger Games!

I did this on a website simulator (you can probably guess) and decided to do all unique creatures. This will be a weekly thing. I will do each rarity, with Apex being last.

Note: I will be saying which creature “eliminated” who, and the results. Also I can’t say most of the reasons they got eliminated to keep this friendly. Here are the results btw:

Erlikospyx: Eliminated by Entelolania
Spinoconstrictor: Eliminated by Troodoboa
Albertospinos: Eliminated by Dracoceratosaurus
Stygidaryx:Eliminated by Phorurex
Geminititan: Eliminated by Smilonemys
Grypolyth: Eliminated by Poukandactylus
Antarctovenator: Eliminated by Arena Event
Compsocaulus: Eliminated by Tuoramoloch
Diorajasaur: Eliminated by Diloracherius
Andrewtops: Eliminated by Arena Event
Scorpios Rex Gen 3: Eliminated by Arena Event
Monolorhino: Eliminated by Magnapyritor
Troodoboa: Eliminated by Arena Event
Erlidominus: Eliminated by Arena Event
Pterovexus: Dragged down by Erlidominus, eliminated by Arena Event
Magnapyritor: Eliminated by Quetzorion
Indotaurus: Eliminated by Skoonasaurus
Skoonasaurus: Eliminated by Ardentismaxima
Phorurex: Eliminated by Trykosaurus
Diloracherius: Eliminated by Thoradolosaur and Utarinex
Tuoramoloch: Eliminated by Thoradolosaur and Utarinex
Indoraptor: Eliminated by Tenotorex
Tenotorex: Eliminated by Mammolania
Ardontognathus: Eliminated by Ardentismaxima
Trykosaurus: Eliminated by Ardentismaxima
Thoradolosaur: Eliminated by Entelolania, Parasauthops and Dracoceratosaurus
Poukandactylus: Eliminated by Entelolania, Parasauthops and Dracoceratosaurus
Smilonemys: Eliminated by Entelolania, Parasauthops and Dracoceratosaurus
Testacornibus: Eliminated by falling in a frozen lake
Utarinex: Eliminated by falling in a frozen lake
Dracoceratosaurus: Eliminated by uh…cant say why
Parasauthops: Eliminated by eating toxic berries
Ardentismaxima: Same as Dracoceratosaurus
Mammolania: Eliminated by Entelolania
Quetzorion: Eliminated by Entelolania

Entelolania wins!


Basedlania comes out on top :sunglasses:


I’m gonna have trouble with the legendaries since there’s 62 in-game (including Para Lux), and the website I’m using only allows 48. And another one has the ways they’re eliminated be very weird. So I need help.

What should I do?
  • Use website #1 and make there be two winners
  • Use website #2 and have 1 winner

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Note that for option 2 the way some are eliminate will be weird and some I can say here. And for option 1 I will do two games, 31 in each one.

What website is this?

Website #1 is made by BrantSteele, while website #2 just simply says “Hunger games Simulator”. Won’t post links cause that might get me suspended.

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Ok thank you.
I understand.

Kind of perfect that utarinex and Thor teamed up


So it turns out the first options requires me to fill in all spaces. So I’m going to have to leave two creatures out. I’ve decided that Para Lux will be one, but I can’t decide on the other one, what do you guys think it should be?

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I say just spin a wheel so there will be no byisis (IDK how to spell it)

I’ve done that, and the other one who isn’t in is Dsungaia.

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The first battle of the Legendaries is done! Dsungaia was not included due to too much space. So here are the placements:

Now time for the reasons
Mammotherium (Eliminated by Carnotarkus)
Ankyntrosaurus (Eliminated by Dracoceratops)
Enteloceros (Ambushed by Ardontosaurus, Grylenken and Edaphocevia)
Ankylodactylus (Eliminated by Arctalces)
Dilophoboa (Eliminated by Arctalces)
Eremoceros (Eliminated itself)
Carbotoceratops (Fell on Dracoceratops)
Dracoceratops (Carbotoceratops Fell on it)
Diplovenator (Exploded)
Indominus Rex (Eliminated by Alloraptor)
Bajatonodon (Starvation)
Koolabourgiana (Eliminated by Fukuimimus)
Grylenken (Eliminated by Diloranosaurus)
Fukuimimus (Eliminated by Acrocanthops)
Coelhaast (Eliminated by Glyptoceras)
Dakotanops (Gravity)
Keratoporcus (Dakotanops Fell on it)
Megalosuchus (Eliminated by Monolometrodon)
Ardontosaurus (Eliminated by Darwezopteryx)
Monolometrodon (Can’t say why)
Indoraptor Gen 2 (Eliminated by Alloraptor being forced by Carnotarkus to kill either it or Gigaspikasur)
Darwezopteryx (Eliminated by Arctalces)
Glyptoceras (Eliminated by Alloraptor)
Carnotarkus (Eliminated by Gigaspikasaur)
Dodocevia (Eliminated by Megistocurus)
Allosinosaurus (Fell into pit)
Megistocurus (Eliminated by Gigaspikasaur)
Alankylosaurus (Eliminated by Entelomoth)
Entelomoth (Eliminated by Infection)
And now, my sadness:
Alloraptor (Ambushed by Arctalces, Ankylomoloch, Diloranosaurus, and Acrocanthops)
Gigaspikasaur (Fell to elimination)
Ankylomoloch (Eliminated by Diloranosaurus
Acrocanthops (Eliminated by Sickness)
Diloranosaurus (Eliminated by Arctalces)
The first battle winner is Arctalces!
Battle 2 will come tomorrow.

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I am confused as to how this was possible…

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This isn’t based on ingame stats or movesets, it’s just a fun simulation. And by “ambush”, I mean that it was eliminated by multiple creatures at once.

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I know it’s not based on ingame stats or moves, but an ambush is a surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position, and I’m pretty sure a 100 ton sauropod hybrid wouldn’t be the best at suprise attacking

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Maybe it was by a large bush that Ardonto could hide behind. I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it.

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ardont acted like a tree and didn’t move and waited >:)


What the heck…

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It was eliminated by a landmine or something.

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How does a prehistoric animal plant a landmine?

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Also I’m making one and posting it here ok.

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