The key to success in battles

If you are asked “what is the key in battles?” , what would be your answer? Some might say “the class advantage” , others “a good organization in the team” , but the last month I figured out the real key of success.

It is to know Al 's moves. If you observe the typical order of moves that the Al does you can use their weaknesses against them.
For example, take a look at these two battles.
Battle 1

How it ended

Battle 2

How it ended

Did you think that these battles are impossible to win, that the team was too weak compared to All? No, if you are careful. At both these battles , when I reached the point of the first screenshot Al start to follow the pattern of 3 attack and 1 block letting me do 3 block and 1 reserve point for 4 turns and have 8 point at last. I knew that , usually, when I used these points to kill their second creature Al does an attack of 4 points with their last one. So , at the first battle , I used the 3 attack points to kill Ankylodocus , 4 blocks to block Apatosaurus attack and 1 reserve point in order to kill it after that. At the second battle , I did 4 attack points to kill Metoposaurus and 4 blocks to block Segnosaurus attack. Then I killed it.

I am curious what is Al 's typical moves in your battles and if you took advantage of them.

For me it makes a big difference if I’m fighting an event or a tournament.
In a tournament the amount of fights is simply so high that I have problems with my concentration after a while. For that reason I try in tournaments to be a little bit too cautious, meaning my lineup is usually a bit stronger as it most probably needs to be.


I am not sure if this works in tournaments. I have had times where they use 3 attack for 2 rounds in a row but then, the AI decides to save the block and goes for 5 attack. Not sure if I had the same situation but I will try it when I find a situation like this again to see if it works


@Bruno_Pereira I agree that Al sometimes decides to do the unexpected, but I am talking about the majority of battles. Although the beginning varies , after some point the battle is predictable.
@Tommi If you have the ability to use a safer team , why not ? But the knowledge of your opponent (Al) can save you when you don’t know what to do. And this is valid both for PvP and PvE. Even if you put a very good and organized team , sometimes the game decides to give you opponents that are made especially for your team and clearly have the advantage.

Of course, it needs a little more concentration and if someone is not desperate for the win they don’t mind to fight it so much …


@kingCRAGGERcroc you are right. Most of the times, the AI is somewhat predictable. I have turned many battles because of that.

I’ve noticed PvE can be very consistent if you use the same dinos.

I had an impossible feeling PvE match that I posted here about. The response was to play and watch the AI for a pattern, so I could beat it. My park was young and I ran out of time and resources. But I used this exact method later on to win other impossible feeling PvE. I actually wrote down what I did and what the AI did to map out a path to win. I only go that far for unlock events though. :wink:

I will warn you, even with the same dino on PvE, the computer does change its behavior. Meaning, a few times I mapped out paths to win and it didn’t work the 1st time. But I did the same thing a 2nd time and it did work. So, even PvE will vary it up.

At the end of the day, it is all about building up points while sacrificing the first dino. The your second dino kills the 1st AI and reserves left over points. The AI/2nd dino uses up all of it point killing your second dino. Your third dino attacks 2nd AI, and blocks, so 3rd AI can’t kill you allowing you to win.


The strategy is hit or miss, i’ve had it work and i’ve had it not work. Sometimes the AI will go 3 att and 1 def for 2 turns then pass the 1 instead of def.

If i’m desperate ill give it a go but i typically don’t like to let it get that bad from the start.

Typically do a high health dino first, then whatever is going to oppose it’s opposite in the second spot. The AI will almost always switch to whatever will have the bonus over your 1st dino if it wasn’t already 1st. At this point you already have a significant advantage especially if your lead off dino can survive 2 attacks. Pretty simple after that, build to 4 turns, pass all sacrifice then play to win from there.

I also tend to attack with extra turns instead of defending if i plan on passing 4 and sacrificing. A lot of the time if you have too many turns passed or defended the AI will not blow all their turns on attack, they will be more conservative. So if i have 5, ill go pass 4, attack 1, even though i know the attack is wasted. The AI will then be more likely to blow all their attack to finish you given the numbers make sense.

Tends to work for me with the limited dino’s i have at their current levels.

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Speaking of AI acting out of the norm. I had a tournament battle yesterday and it made the most bizarre plays i would have sworn it was a legit human.

I’ve had a few like that. Remember one battle yesterday where it had a lead-off carnivore against my herbivore… and it swapped in its herbivore (with considerably lower attack). Never seen that one before.