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The king is dead, long live the king

So, I’ve been a fan of quantity over quality for a long time for finishing in Dominator. I’m even at 2000 by mid day Saturday.

Well, my Ankylodocus paddock got full and the L21 is stronger than the L40 T-Rex (the King of the Dinos).

Time to level up the VIPs. They are holding over a level 12 until the group is big enough.

Also, time for some super hybrids. But not the indorapor.

Edit: I’ll miss some of these L40 dinos that have served me so well for the past 4 months of Dominator finishes.


T rex finally dethroned?


Not a big fan of the Ankylodocus, its cooldown only allows me to use it twice per day.

At L20 I use it 3 times a day.

But yeah, at L21, it is twice a day.

I’m just getting to the point in the game, that continued nerfing of my line up is starting to hold me back.

Also, my SDNA reserves want to be emptied out.

It was likely time a couple months ago, but I’ve spent a lot of energy on Aquatics and Ceno.

I’ll likely have to fight for a Dom finish, but it will be possible vs no chance.

And that is why you want to make multiple copies of the lvl 21.

I will. My paddock was full of L20s. :wink:

Wow !!! very interesting Lv.21 Ankylodocus seem to be good option for my line up.

Sacrificing use per day for higher win rate.

Effectively, yes.

But I wasn’t using all of my dinos when I battled for Dom anymore.

This is sort of the end of the “late beginning” of the game for me. (Which I held on to for a very long time.)

Midde game, I figure when you move to the L20 VIP range (or above L40 Legendary). And I’m in the final preparations for that after some more evolving and a mass leveling.

End/Late game starts at Indoraptor L1.


The king is alive and kicking, it’s only numbers that are trying to show the illusion. I am certain one could use a level 21 T Rex and kill a level 21 Ankylodocus.

My team has just underwent some changes too today, which include, a level 30 Spinoraptor and a Level 16 Rajastega.

Tomorrow my line up will witness a change once more, for the one and only, Diplosuchus shall rise to power tomorrow.

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With the TRex dethroned, I went and did this today. 8 monostegatops added in. Nearly ran out of food moving all of my VIPs to L17.


You’re not concerned that your top 8 guys are all herbivores?
Or does it not matter because it’s not that much of an increase of ferocity?

The next 25 are a mix and just below in ferocity.

I like to group big numbers of Dino’s at the top.

Imagine the crowd I had just below my L40 TRex.