The lack of parks can be a big problem in this version

One of the main problems of the game in its beginnings was the lack of parks in certain places. That made in many places, for example the town where I live, there were no “green areas” for weekly events. In fact, that was one of the main causes that some friends of mine abandoned the game.

Months after the start of the game, Ludia realized her mistake and partially solved the problem. Now the “green areas” not only appear in the parks so finding them is not that difficult. My town (5000 inhabitants) has gone from having no green zone to having five. It is not always enough and it would be impossible to find all the weekly dinos, but at least it has improved a lot.

This has solved part of the problem but not the second one, that is, the “park spawns”. My town has several green areas and is surrounded by countryside and forests but to google it seems that none of those areas is “green zone”. Therefore, I can no longer find there dinosaurs as necessary as the Stegosaurus, triceratops, dilophusaurus gen 2, …

I only see green areas precisely when I move to the big city (Barcelona) or during train journeys but if I were a week without leaving my town I would not see a single stegosauro even if I was hunting 5 hours a day.

I do not know what can be done about it but a solution should be found.

Regarding the orange areas, the problem is different. In some points there are many and in others none. In particular, from my house there is no orange zone in the radius of about 180 m (they are right at the end of the VIP area) and, instead, at a specific point, at the end of a dead end street, undeveloped and dangerous that It is 180 m, there are four together. There are two houses that, if they played this game, they would have four orange zones at all times without moving from home. I dont have any. Dinosaurs are also appearing in those spots and, on the other hand, I hardly see any dinosaurs ever less than 150 meters from my house. Instead, on weekends I go to an apartment on the coast and I have an orange area under my house and there are always dinosaurs nearby. I do not know how the distribution is made but it should be done in another way. This makes a very big difference between some players and others.

The park thing is still messed up in my opinion. I went to a state park yesterday, a very large state park to hunt Stegosaurus (which have been moved to parks :roll_eyes::triumph:) …the results, the park in game WAS NOT a park. I turned on Pogo to check and it was a park, but not in JWA. Frustrating to have to find an “in game park” to hunt a much needed common like Stegosaurus.

Precisely to that problem I was referring. In my town there are several “small parks” meaning areas where children play (swings, benches, sand areas, …) but are not considered green areas (I do not know if by google or by the game). On the other hand, when I go to Barcelona by train, I pass by the banks of a river and it is marked as a huge park when it is not. In fact, now this kind of “park” when I pass close by train is my main source of stegosaurs (as long as the game does not hang as usual when passing the tunnels and refreshes correctly with the speed of the train).

Maybe in Canada there is no such problem and the green areas are perfectly marked, but this is not the case near where I live and believe in all of Europe.

Park spawns are a huge issue for us in Northern areas with snow. First of all, many of our parks are closed during the winter. For some of them thats 4 or 5 months of the year! Also, all the parks (at least in my area) are closed from dusk til dawn, which just so happens to be about FIFTEEN hours a day in the winter. Park only spawns might as well not even exist for those of us that live near these parks.

Lets not even get into the difficulty of walking through deep snow in parks that ARE open during winter.

Really wish Ludia would address this and consider cutting down the number of park only spawns or at least give us another way of obtaining these creatures.

This part of the problem I do not have. I usually see the snow one day a year (and it’s a happy day :slight_smile: and even at night, very few days we go down from 0 degrees. On the other hand, we have no less than 9 hours of light.

You’re lucky. As if us cold climate players dont have it hard enough hunting in the winter, now we have to deal with not even legally having access to entire areas that hold some crucial hybrid ingredients.

As I said in the initial message, I have no problem closing the parks … my problem is that there are no parks in my area even though they exist! :slight_smile: