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The Last Day of *Stat Boosts*

{A random guy}:"How was your last day of Stat Boosts?!?!":thinking:

{I answered}:"It was a very CRAZY day!:dizzy_face:

{My RAT partyed}:

{I fought a very aggressive Indoraptor}:

{I made a Utasino fly}:

{My BRONTOLASMUS refused to die}:

{I did critical damage}:

{I killed RATS}:

Hmmm…What is THIS?

I understood nothing

{And i thinking that i would win…}:

{And this is how my last day of Stat Boosts 1.0 ends}:



Haha great storytelling. Good plot and character building. 8/10


Will miss this… not.

Thor came and said goodbye


I just barely survived a ratting, but had the power to one-shot that full-health DracoceRAT-OPs…

…and then got to enjoy seeing this before winning :rofl:


At last I captured my 2 greatest dino in this boost meta:

The Gorgo.
The Tryo.

Will always love you.


Thanks for your rating!

You love creatures that increase damage and destroy everything along the way…

well, this is the last day the stars of my team will feel glorious; specially “Alita” (AKA indoraptor)

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Yeah :see_no_evil:

Like a hate-deck against DC.

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Already spotted a Thor with nearly the same stats. Less speed so still falls to Distracting dinos. Thank god but it’s still incredible how annoying people are. Putting all eggs in one basket to win the battles where they draw it. Should be matched with other people also only boosting a single creature.

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