The Last Two Begins

I didn’t think I would have these to the point of starting at the same time but got some luck in running into some deer to get to the point I will be starting Testaco. My first and foremost goal is Mammolania. Of course getting this close to completing my collection again means an update will be coming to give me more creatures to find and level up. I just can’t seem to get them all before an update happens.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to have the Woolly Mammoth as the daily reward creature of the month.

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That would be awesome

Dang that’s a lotta turtle dna!

Unless it’s a rainy day, I’m out walking and riding 2 and 3 times a day so I run into turtles often.

Nice!! Just unlocked monolorhino myself and now all i need is the uniques deer. That one wont happen for another 3 patches at least and by then i would have another 4 sanctuary exclusive creatures to have to unlock.

I’m close but out of coins… won’t make it this patch either :frowning: Good luck man