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The Legend of Fury's First Super Hybrid

No, it isn’t Diplosuchus or Monostegotops. Or Dimetrocarnus.

The Park was doing quite well, everything was decent. Two Handlers were eaten in the past week by the friendly neighbourhood Suchomimus, and one Triceratops escaped its enclosure and unfortunately found itself in the Yudon Paddock.

Like I said, very normal.

Until one day… someone heard a low growl in the Indominus Rex Paddock. She was seen eating something, but it wasn’t normal. Her eyes glowed with an evil angry attitude, she was getting more and more powerful by the minute. But she didn’t stop there.

Not more than an hour later, the Dinosaurs and Handlers casually turned their attention to the Indominus. And they were surprised, shocked. They did not know it would come to this.

The Indominus Rex stayed this way for almost a whole week, sending chills down the Park’s inhabitants every day. They would be too scared to even turn towards the Indominus. The only thing that kept them from fainting in shock, their only assurance, was the fence. Of course nothing stupid, such as some Humans getting into the enclosure and letting Indominus out, would happen… because that’s silly.

The days passed by, and the Inhabitants were still scared of the Indominus Rex. You’d think that they would soon recognise their old friend that she was, and no longer fear her. Well, that’s what was about to happen. And that’s when they saw it.

At that moment, they understood everything. It all made sense. With no notice, the Dinosaurs’ beloved friend would not just suddenly evolve herself like that and intimidate them! How could they have not seen this coming?

The Indominus was taken by the Handlers to the Lab. She didn’t fight it, because she knew what she would soon become. She was prepared… she was ready. Her friends rejoiced. The Park Staff, on the other hand, were scared. They saw something come out of the Lab. Their guess was absolutely correct.

Agnarr Grimborn had come, at long last.


Wow…super OP dino


@Jurassic_Fury Please teach me how to get Indoraptor.


I still have a Lineup weaker than yours, it’s still a bench of level 20 VIPs… I saw a few old Forum threads about Indoraptor in this sort of a bench, and also the average ferocity is ~7000 which is easily manageable by my level 20 VIPs since I face that kind of ferocity most often in the beloved Dominator League.

I took the risk, made Indominus at level 30 (level 30 Indominus ~ level 1 or 2 Indoraptor) and observed.

  1. If it went well, it would be an Indoraptor soon.
  2. If it wasn’t, I would sell the level 30 which would give me enough DNA to buy 2 more Indominuses, in essence, one level 13 Indominus.

I only took the risk since my Lineup wasn’t heavily dependant on those level 13 Indominuses, so losing them for a few days wouldn’t be a deep impact.

Today I speed-hatched the rest and made it to level 40, kept it only for four or five minutes (including the Battle) and then fused it into Indoraptor.

Be careful, only do this if you can afford the Resource loss and Lineup dent. Only because I would not be affected by those I proceeded, but I recommend caution. @Nonthawath_777


One other thing, I discovered that having just one unbalanced creature, here an Indoraptor to a level 20 VIP bench, makes very little impact. But you must be extremely careful to have just that one OP creature. @Nonthawath_777

Till you have enough creatures to catch up to it in a short time, do not have a second OP creature.



Good to know fury still exists and wasn’t murdered or anything :joy:

First, welcome back from your exile, and second, that’s awesome! Indoraptor… now you make me wanna get a op creature as well

Also I bet this is gonna get flagged, prolly shouldn’t have said the m word :frowning:


:joy: But keep the above mentioned pointers in mind before proceeding to screw up the lineup balance haha






@Jurassic_Fury show us your infinite battle stage now indos in your lineup


Ah, I did one Infinite Battle for Indominus and speeded up the next for Indoraptor :sweat_smile: within tomorrow morning IST, I shall send the Infinite Battle difficulty.

The one I played with Indoraptor was kinda difficult, not gonna lie. But that was probably because Indominus had just been fed to level 40 when I completed the previous so hopefully it won’t be so difficult as the latter. Even if it is, it’s very manageable since my weaker teams could also manage the battle…


I was like no way! But yessss way! That is amazing! Love your stories too, keep up the good job!:muscle:


Thanks a lot @MirrMurr! I think you guys are the only ones who like my stories :smiley:



Not the only ones :wink:


No, really. The JWTG friends like you guys are by far the only ones who have ever given a positive response to my stories :joy:

Flashes back… “Ohhhh look, he is here again with his long boring stories”


The only thing I could think of was…

“Alex hungry… Alex eat” :fork_and_knife:


Yay story time! Congrats fury


Wait, you fed it?!


I did … To level 2


And here he is in the PvP Greenery :heart_eyes: