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The Legendary Incubator Strike Tower...out of range

Really wanted to do this one…but didn’t have any in range. Also, yesterday I didn’t get any common special events in range after what seemed to be a reshuffle. Do I have to move to get it? The farthest one is about 50 meters away I believe and my tablet don’t have wi-fi when I’m outside of my house. Help?

Yeah, if something’s not in range, as the game says when you select a creature, drop, or tower, you have to move closer in the real world to get it. There is the option to get vip which expands your circle along with other things, but I personally dont know whether it’s worth it or not

Ahh well, I can’t exactly leave without losing wi-fi…so. That sucks. Thanks though.

I only have the small rare tower in range.