The Legendary Issue

So after playing for a few months, I feel like the question should be raised again. Of the 9 characters I curretly have, all apart from Raika have their legendary weapons, but only 2 actually use them instead of the epic (Farideh and Calliope). It’s not even because the epics are much higher upgraded in most cases, it’s just the epic’s ability has twice and sometimes thrice the chance of procing and their abilities are either strictly (Halbenet’s death ward instead of disarm) or arguably (Tommus’s +Armor instead of 2 additional attacks) better.

I wish it was only weapons, but there are numerous cases when using the epic or the rare is much better than the legendary which makes getting legendaries, what should be the best thing you should aspire to, really questionable. I feel for anyone that actually paid money for legendary packs and got those useless items.

I don’t have a good solution other than revamping nearly all the legendary items and making them better, or at the very least, comparable to the epics (or rares). There’s absolutely no reason to use Shavrith’s explosion potion instead of every other replace item she has.

I would say the vast majority of Legendaries are best in slot at lvl 4. It takes 17 of a legendary to get to lvl 4. There are a few legendaries that are worth using at lvl 3 over a maxed item of a different rarity on only one or two lvl 2 legendaries that are worth using over a maxed item of a different rarity. I am fine with how it is right now…and I do understand the frustration of getting a legendary (or 7) and not really feeling it is worth using, but at the same time, if they buffed the legendaries to a point that they outclass the other rarities at lvl 1 and 2 it would make 90% of the items in the game worthless. The real problem is there are so many legendaries and they are so rare to get, the average player has 0% chance of ever getting a lvl 4 legendary. Would be nice if we had some control over what legendaries we got, or if they were easier to get.


Many legendaries are worthwhile at level 1 or 2 due to it’s abilities, rather than its raw power.

Many just suck until level 3 or 4.

Others I just don’t see any merits (looking at you armor).

Some are also PvP meta dependent since they counter popular strategies. Cleric’s restore/block legendary Talisman springs to mind.

Balancing action economy against cooldown is also another consideration. Again looking at the cleric, I found myself rarely using my max level epic helmet, but often using the level 2 legendary helmet in PvP, because action efficiency needs to be so much higher. (Note: this legendary item is much worse vs single target OTK glass than AOE characters).

I’m hesitant to make a comprehensive “meta report” since I think that’s figuring out the load out strategies is a lot of the fun of this style of game.


Thanks for the feedback, Gil_Goren_Shimoni! I do not use the legendary equipment that often as well. I think it’s trial and error to see what items synergize well with your team.

I actually prefer the cleric’s legendary weapon over the epic.

In a real life DnD campaign I love the concept of attuning to a weapon that grows in power as you level up. So in flavor the legendaries in this game do that. The problem is distribution. In this game we will always get the other rarities quicker so there just isn’t much opportunity to use a legendary item until it is maxed out, which is extremely difficult, because the same equipment at a lower rarity but higher level is just going to be more powerful.

I’d also love if we could get some ability or bonus tied to armor depending on each rarity would open more choice and stop making a legendary cheat armor piece to feel useless


I wish I had a potion on chest armor :slight_smile:

I’d be happy with simply being able to sell legendaries at an ok-ish price

We need a Kanai’s Cube to put in Legendaries we dotn want, at 2 to 1, or, 3 to 1, or with some currency, etc. and get a random one back.

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