The Legendary Rexy counter we need

Many people know about how OP Rexy,while there are counters most reliable counters are late game creatures like Apexes and specific Uniques like Paratops and Acevia,so here is a reliable Rexy Counter

This creature was specifically made to counter Rexy,it’s hp was made so it can tank a crit Dominant roar,it’s attack was made so that it can take out a Rexy with a counter,Rampage and Impact and the cherry on top is how easy it is to create it,having a global spawn(Erlikosaurus) and a hybrid with 2 easy to get components(Procerathomimus)

Anyways here is it after fighting Rexy

Might draw it later


We’re already got the Segnoraptor the perfect Rexy counter


Wouldn’t exactly call it a reliable Rexy Counter when your only example shows it at a tenth of it’s hp.

The second you face a Rexy with a slightly higher level or boost you’ll die. This whole example fight is at lvl 26 for both with no boosts. So it’ll only work if they’re the same level and have the exact same boosts


Fair but that guy is pretty hard to get,I’ve never seen Microraptors

Segnoraptor gets one shot by a crit and doesn’t even win unless setup lmao, nice counter you got there

I would give erlikoraptor an on escape to add in the pain

That seems a bit much

just because it has one counter doesnt mean its balanced. rexy needs a small nerf

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Because they’ve only been out 2 weeks

Yoshi needs a hybrid anyways! I would love to see this!