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The legends of Jurassic park!

Many players wanted specific changes for many dinosaurs in the game, among them, the three icons of the Jurassic Park franchise: the tiranosaurio rex, the velociraptor and the spinosaurus, as well as looking for these dinosaurs to compete with the most rare hybrids, but due to the systematic nature of the game this was impossible

My proposal is the introduction of rexy, The Big One and the spinosaurus of JP3, How the legendary or unique dinosaurs with the following aspects:

  • unique features: these dinosaurs could have different animations in the game (for example, rexy appears with a flash), as well as an own design (scars)

  • power in action: these dinosaurs would be as powerful as the legendary or the only ones, with quite useful skills and balanced statistics, could be in the higher level teams without generating disadvantages

  • limit of one: these dinosaurs would be limited to one per player, this would not affect much the decision from which to choose, then, other unique ones could replace them strategically

  • difficulty to obtain them: these dinosaurs would not be so easy to obtain, limited to obtain by events, achievements or a new modality for the game (share your idea)

I invite you to share ideas on how to improve this proposal …

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I hope we’ll get Rexy (the main Tyrannosaurus in the franchise) one day as a Unique. That would be awesome.

Hrm. Rexy could have all definite moves so it can reck Indominus and indoraptor

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I like this

Definite Rampage, Defense Shattering Rampage, Instant Distraction/Distracting strike, superiority strike, could be the skills of rexy