The Lesser Bear King!

Let me know what you guys think! :slight_smile:

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So you’ve reworked a creature literally no one has yet? :upside_down_face:

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No, its a hybrid for its ingredient.

Also its kinda like indominus and indoraptor by re-using an ingredient.

That’s unnecessary. No one can get arctovasilas for now until arctodus and cervalces are on the map so we don’t know how he is in battle

The bears in general seem rather weak, they’re anti tank tanks that can’t pierce armor? Like what? Your concept falls along the same line, maybe replace Shielding Rampage with Defense Shattering Rampage or Armor Piercing Rampage so it has some way to bypass armor. It also already have 2 other ways to shield, 3 is a bit overkill.

Stun resistance should be higher, 30% is pitifully low with the amount of stuns running around in the epic-legendary meta. I would bump that up to 75%.

Lastly, Accelerate On Escape is basically useless, people only swap because of two things, either A) they’re swapping to a better matchup or B) they’re swapping in to snipe you. This barely or straight up doesn’t help against either of them. I would replace that with Accelerating Heal On Escape.

Overall it’s an interesting concept but it looks to have similar issues to the other bears

The legendary is already fused with testa

So i made some changes (please dont hate me if i made it worse, im not that good at making creatures)

what do you guys think of the changes i made?

This is really weird
I don’t hate it or love it

R.I.P artic blast. I do think I his creature needs some form of dig in though

Guys i think your confused, its not a nerf/remake of Arctovasilas, its its own thing