The Level 20 Plan

This plan was started months ago and kind of not sure how it’s going to go now with boosts. I can’t boost them all so I may not boost any more than I use on strike towers.

The idea is to get lots of creatures to 20. This is coin affordable as F2P and gives me the ability to interchange out my team creatures without impact to where ever I stand in the arenas.

I played level 10’s for quite a while and moved to 11’s to add the epics. I’ve moved up to the 15 range at the moment as I slowly build my level 20’s. I’m kind of bored with my primary account stuck with using the same 8 dino’s and find I have more fun here with my 2nd account with the huge variety where winning doesn’t matter.

This is where I’m at. I have my level 20’s on one row and the ones I’m working on on the next. The unique’s are boosted for strike towers along with a few legendary’s. There are a couple legendary’s I have DNA to create but haven’t started them yet. I’ll get there.

Some of these, like T-rex, Erliko, Einiasuchus and a few other, I could take right to 20 right now if I wanted. I’m looking forward to the sanctuaries for some of the DNA I need to get a couple of these to 20.

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I’ve sort of done something similar. Start of this year I swore off hybrids other than the two canonical film ones and am focusing on the purely prehistoric animals. I’m now working on levelling all the prehistoric animals to 20th. No further. Then I’ll just use prehistoric animals on my team.