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The Library is an Absolute Nightmare Right Now (thanks to the reset)

Originally posted the following in the old Library ‘Joke’ thread, but it got locked for Necro-posting (my bad - sorry about that)

Bit of a rant coming on (yeah, it’s one of THOSE threads)…

The Library has become absolutely ridiculous since the last reset.

Thanks to so many strong players being pushed down after the reset, the average team strength in the Library has absolutely skyrocketed.

Before the reset, I was sitting quite comfortably in the Gyro Depot (5800+ trophies and climbing at a reasonable rate) and have been in freefall since the reset (hovering just above 5300, but losing more than winning).
And I know I’m not alone here. From what I’m reading here a lot of people are experiencing this,

It’s nuts that there are Ardentismaximas with 10k health (nearly 11k in some cases), lvl 30 Trykos with maxed out (yellow) stats and Tenontorex with over 3,000 attack running around in there - and they’re not exactly uncommon.

I know people say, “It balances out after a while - we just need to put up with it until it goes back to normal”, but why doe we need to put up with such crazy matchmaking for roughly half the month?
It’s the 11th of the month now, and it seems like the Library is no closer to returning to normality (if I remember right, things still hadn’t balanced out by week 3 last month).
Getting is always an absolute chore in the weeks after the reset.

Surely there has to be a better way than this?


Hello DinoGuy,

our team is aware of this issue…naah just kidding, they could not care less, it’s still Ludia.


IIRC max health boost on lv 30 dentist is 10939

Reset time is why so many players dont play the arena for weeks. I do one battle and bounce for a few days or more. And this new trophy win/loss compounds the problem because no new trophies are being added to the system right after thousands were taken away.

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Reset is a pain truly & undeniable, but It is necessary!! We don’t need players taking property in a place where they aren’t participating. Its designed to push these players down & allow new players to climb where others aren’t willing.

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All well and good, but when you have a trophy system that doesn’t add new trophies to the pool of players after so many were taken away, what happens? No one can climb verry far, if at all.

If ludia insists on this 30/30 system, then the number of trophies being added into the system needs to be increased. Simply adding trophies for fighting ai in higher arenas should help. Set a limit on it per day and make the gains minimal. Also allow us to fight the ai and not throw us into a match at the last second.

As for the season reset, I’d like to see the effects if the resets were staggered rather than all at once. That would probably lessen the blow to everyone else.


It doesn’t help that this is the worst reset month ever, in a very long time though, btw… Don’t forget that it’s not just about the usual monthly reset, but also many players used last month to test new dinos in their teams and as such waited a full cycle before reboosting. That’s what I did (I reboosted monday), and I’m still winning many very easy matches (almost gained 500 already, and I’m taking it slow). So those who boosted early and had tons of fun last month can expect somewhat harder times as we speak. Luckily, next month, it will be business as usual for everybody (or should I say evenly painful for all!). Add to this that many players can now use boosts that they had mistakenly put on very bad dinos and sure enough usual ranking from a month ago doesn’t mean much today.

Resets are normally only a problem for the first week.
I can’t move out of low Gyro and my wife cant make any headway out of high Library.
We’re not dropping we’re legit stuck.
Since wins are mostly decided by team comp draw I see it being a tar pit for a min 2 weeks.

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It feels like this time around it has been far worse than before. I’ve never seen so many level 30 teams in library, at least not as boosted.

I don’t think it helps that more and more players are capping their team at level 30 in general. There’s been a huge decline the new hybrids that Ludia have been adding, resulting in more people using the same dinos. Before, they used to release loads of them, all better than the current range of dinos. Now? A handful, often with poor stats to the point no one would use them.

This is what I was saying back when they went with the 30/30 system. Its like Ludia has no comprehension of what trophy starvation means and why it’s bad for the game.

It might feel more fair but when your not adding any trophies into the system it takes a lot longer for people to climb.

One only has to look at the leaderboard to see what’s happening. Top 50 haven’t even all made it out of depot yet.

Which means there are still a lot of people in library that normally would be in depot.

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The reset isnt doing that. It is too aggressive and will get worse over time as more players enter the top 2 arenas.

It has to be tiered and less monolithic. Doesn’t have to be no reset but resetting 3000 trophies off the top players so they are in range to hit players who are barely in Library every month is discouraging the middle players.

I have suggested the fix many a time but Ludia has yet to receive it and make it happen.

First week only the top 10 to 20 can make it out of Depot usually. When it was the old system.

Ludia needs to talk to actual players not theoreticians.

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Maybe they should listen to the playerbase and not just the top 5%…

The old system was garbage to… you don’t replace a garbage can with a dumpster and call it “fixed”

This is one of 6 ladder based games I play on a weekly basis… this is the only one were resets are this painful… and there are multiple reasons.

We know most of them and have been experiencing them for a long time. But 30/30 introduces trophy starvation… which is going to make those that aren’t at top 100 level climb be much slower.

It affects the top 100 too. Essentially it drags the climbing process out longer since you cannot get 40s anymore.

We had a similar trophy system in 1.3 when i started where it was 20/20 or 10/10 and there were no resets so the top 5 had like 10k trophies in a time where the top 500 cutoff was 4500++. The only difff was AI gave trophies too. So the top players just ground AI.

I was also at 5800 before reset (high score of 5901 last season) and am stuck in the 5400s now. I’ve complained about reset here many times.

Season resets made sense when we had fewer people above 5500, but at this point literally thousands of people with scores ranging from 5500 to 8000+(!) are being reset to 5499 all at once every month, and it’s a bloodbath. Those who normally sit in the Shores are stomping those of us who normally sit in Gyro, and those of us who normally sit in Gyro are pushed back to the Library to stomp people there. I’m sure people normally in Library are pushed down to Aviary, and so on. It’s artificially limiting everyone’s progress and it’s making people not want to battle for at least the first week of reset, which means it takes even longer for us all to get back to where we should be. I don’t usually get back to 5700+ until mid-month at earliest, often somewhere around the 18th-20th, and that does not make me want to try harder… it makes me want to play less.

It seems like a reset that makes people actively avoid the arena for a week or two is a bad idea from a player engagement and money-making perspective. I’m surprised Ludia hasn’t at least started resetting people above 6000 back to 6000, which would not solve all of the problems but would at least help.


Made it to shores, finally, and this reset has been a true test for me. No sense at all to the reasoning. Over 6k maybe? Over 5k doesn’t make sense at all, especially with the new algo. Just my two cents.

That was another fantastic garbage system… but it only really affected the top… when the strategy for pvp was seperate yourself enough and play away from peak hours to climb against ai till your high enough you never get ai.

It’s not even just the trophy system, reset is to low, not enough incentive to climb, people not wanting to climb, people not wanting to adapt to nerfed Dino’s

It all boils down to Ludias poor design choices.

I can deal with the high health Trykosaurus and Maximas.

What I can’t stand is the utterly insane amount of critical hits I have been receiving today. Not exaggerating, I must have done well over fifty battles today trying to get back into Gyrosphere, and I’ve won maybe 1/4 of them, all because of the fact that my opponents are getting upwards of 3-5 critical hits every single battle.

These resets were a good idea at first but with the way many of our dinosaurs stats are thanks to boosts Ludia needs to change how the resets are implemented, or simply knock players down to the lowest point of their respective arenas.

The thing is: Ludia has already removed the biggest block to resetting in tiers. The 2 min timer in Shores. I have already suggested the solution which is to break the reset into 4 to 5 levels so that the top players are pulled away from the Library dwellers.

I dun care if the top 20 have to battle 100 less battles to get 8k trophies or that the better players are getting rewards easier. They would get it anyway just on the backs of Depot riders and Library dwellers instead of Nublar sunbathers.

Resetting 1 huge one every 4 to 5 weeks is plain lazy and lacking in actual sense. They could easier earn more from speed opens by making seasons start correctly from day 1.

I agree with tier resets but they could do a lot more in the incentive department… like incubators should scale in the last 3 arenas with shores incubators being significantly better then avairy incubators… Just bump up dna coins and boosts in library depot and shores incubators.

Giving end game players some more boosts per inc isn’t gonna break the bank… if anything it’s gonna allow for small boost meta tweaks which will encourage those who don’t wanna be bothered grinding incs to buy more boosts just so they ready.

Another thing they can do to help is giving rewards based on seasonal score increases. Like clash royal does. Rewards would start at 5200 and then at 5350 another and 5500 another and 5675… rewards can be incubators… a fuse of dna… a little hard cash… coins…25 boosts… all kinds of things.

And every reset you can earn these rewards again. And if your reset to say 5800 you can collect all the 5200-5800 rewards on day of the reset.

So I look forward to reset day in clash royal cause I can claim some rewards as soon as I log in and climbing gives me even more rewards.

Then there is Ludias way which makes people think the only reason they reset is so max levels can stomp on low levels without having to drop.