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The light, it blinds us!

Anyone know what this blinding light above the edmonto is? :laughing:
I got so distracted I almost forgot to pick a move.

Its almost like a little Halo.


Don’t know why, but the same thing happened to my Edmonto too, only once

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Someone is taking a pic. It’s so rare to see one in battle the moment must be remembered

Its a distraction! >:l

It his soul

It happened at me one time

Might be necro-posted @Ned

That’s called -50%—90% to attack for 1-2 turns

It is called solar beam, no seriously edmonto just wants to be a tropius

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Seeing the revival of this post saying “1 year later” I can hardly believe we have Playgrounds around for an entire year already! :see_no_evil:

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So what? No harm done here is there?!