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The lineup I use for tournaments

Here’s the lineup I use for tournaments:

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Are your battles really difficult? I think you’ve created big gaps by taking that mono so far.

You need a lot more depth which will take time.

You also need more pterasaurs in the top end of your line up. Others here will give you good advice but at a quick glance…that’s what I see.

Also need an amphibian up there too. Be careful not to evolve creatures too far. It’s tempting but be cognizant.


Yeah, fusing that mono was a mistake but I also don’t want to sell it. It’ll have to stay there.

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put dinos with less ferocity than your weakest mono…

How much dna will you get if you sell your lvl 30 mono?

  • sell lvl 20 mono
  • deepen your lineup
  • get some more amphibians and pterosaurs