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The Lion, the Sucho and the Thyla - which to focus on?

Hi all

I have both suchotator and Lion on my team. And some people have suggested creating thyla. Which appears to be equally good.

I am at a dilemma. I can level up sucho to 12 or 13 right now with the DNA I have. And lion is very good at current lvl with great moves like instant prowl and render.

DNA is so precious and i don’t know where to focus.

Any advice? Thank you.

The obvious choice is Thyla. It can basically do what Sucho does, but better. The Lion is extremely good as well, but Thyla is the strongest option.

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Thyla is a good creature. Eventough bleed isn’t that great in this meta, it has the option to rend, prowl, and it has superiority strike…
But, lion is a good one to have for rare advantage tourneys…if you start levelling up your lion now, by the time when you compete in tourneys you can have it at a decent level… Then again, there are epic advan tourneys so it’s really up to you to decide.

As for my personal experience, I’m one of those people who levelled up, er, Suchotator really high before Thyla came out and now I only have a base level Thyla, and I barely use it…
It also depends on your playing style…I don’t use Thyla for anything; tourneys or for arenas…it doesn’t fit my playing style…there again it’s your choice.
But overall Thyla is a good creature to have.


Thanks for advice both @Arnold & @anon66230878.

Appreciate it.

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I love Lion’s Immune to Declaration. But Thyla is best choice.

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