The lobby fill option was possibly the best thing from the update

I got to use it and complete a parasauthops raid first try with a random lobby. Granted it won’t be often that someone activates it for a unique raid


This is what I did for my first random lobby raid

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If your lucky, you get players with the right creatures who pretty much know the strategy and everyone has the right creatures both.

I may have only one or two of the right creatures per account. The chance of bad waist-of-time raids is high. But if all else fails and you can’t get players together in your own alliance, this is worth a try. Maybe you get lucky and maybe you don’t.

The legendary, unique and apex raids, you have to have the right creatures, right levels, right speeds and everyone know the strategy. For me, if I don’t have the strategy in front of me, I’m going the best I can by memory.

Let this go a week and we’ll get a thread about the success or failures on the tougher raids.


Gonna have to agree there. It’ll be better use for getting the ten rare/epic raid incubators without annoying alliance mates

If your alliance mates are annoying, your problem is not the original raid concept.
I end up struggling to keep my friends list clean enough to function.
I am loving the random raids though.

Done about 10 random Carno raids now. This is the most fun I’ve had with raiding in a while. Whether I’m going in with a full team of rexes, using Dimorphodon, or watching the Carno’s health vanish after using Inostherium, it’s nice to sit back from all the annoying aviary battles and help out others. If raid chat gets any better, this could be a great feature even for legendary and unique raids.

Oh no not like that if I stated it incorrectly. I meant something like the inviter wanting to do the same raid again but the rest of the online crew needs to do other things (like dbi, daily mission, strike towers…) so the auto join lobby’s solves the issue for both sides (sorry if this was a repeat of what I said)

Like if they have other priorities but you/and inviter wants to continue raiding

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I did the parasauthops raid with a random team and we beat it with a level 24 & 25 Parasauthops, an indo gen 2 and a Thor. Indo and Thor died the 2nd round and our 2 Parasauthops finished the last round for a win.

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