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The Locked Consortium (News Report From My Lineup, Part IV)

To read the first three :

His entire park erupted in joy, as Jurassic Fury won his eighth Rajasaurus from the Aquatic event. Our trusted sources and reporters who witnessed the glorious event recorded the fusion of two level 30 Rajasauruses at presicely 10:22 pm IST on 22nd July, 2020.

The incident was recorded as a memorable one since this was the park’s second locked creature that was maxed up, the first being the Nasutoceratops. The Indominus, sitting at spot #1 of the lineup says, “He may not have impacted the lineup, but he sure has impacted the betterment of the entire park.”

The Supersaurus, in a preemptive strike, says, “I was just one individual away from being the second maxed locked guy!”. His anger knows no bounds. Many say he’s out there, bringing together more individuals to take his revenge on Rajasaurus, in the form of Suprannotitan. The Tyrannotitan, a single individual of level 10, is intrigued by the idea of the hybrid but in the back of his mind, he knows that getting him to level 40 will take many months, so he tries his best to soothe the grief-striken Supersaurus.

The owner of the Park, Jurassic Fury, was interviewed shortly after the fusion, where he was asked questions such as the fate of the Rajasaurus and if he would fuse it to make the Rajastega. Jurassic Fury responded, “as much powerful as Rajastega might be, I’m keeping this Rajasaurus.” His next maxed-up plans are Pelicanimimus, Scaphognathus and Supersaurus.

The Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus, who were legends of the Park just a few months back, now stand at the third panel of the lineup, but are still given heroes’ statuses and used in countless battles.

We await further news from the Park.

[Credits as always for the suggestions that made my park (and news reports!) what it is now - @anon43877113, @Mary_Jo, @Sionsith, @kingCRAGGERcroc, @Potato, @Tommi, @Timmah, @Andy_wan_kenobi, @Qaw, @Schmoo]


Fuse the Nasutoceratops for Pachyceratops.

Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus still stand out to me.

More Indominus Rexes right now is not a wise decision,try to go for creatures which will help you more right now. Perhaps Level 30 Pachyceratops,Maxed Legendaries,which will help you have a steady flow of your game. In the future you will get more than enough time and a good amount of DNA for Indominus Rex

Maxed Legendaries are currently in action, with the second Maxed set for T-Rex. After him, I’ll do Scaphognathus and Ichthyo.

And ofc I won’t mass-buy Indominuses, I’ll do it when I have a lot of DNA.

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That is good,focus on Rare hybrids,Tapejalosaurus Level 30 is pretty much a Level 20 VIP creature but a longer cooldown.

Massive ping spam?

Nope, credits.

Still pinging though.

@No1_ishere but not spamming. XD

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Ah, congratulations on finding those elusive fellows, friend! It is so satisfying maxing out a locked creature, isn’t it?

I must say I am a little jealous you have a level 40 Nasutoceratops. He has been almost as rare for me as Tyranotitan and Metriocynchus.


Tyrannotitan is not rare,I must say Nasutoceratops and Metriorhynchus are though


For me he’s been. Locked and I have only gotten two in almost a year of play.


I haven’t been playing that long, but yes Tyrannotitan is rare for me as well. I need two more then I can make a level 40 and finally make his hybrid.


I only have 1 of him.


Thanks @Schmoo ! Yea it’s so satisfying! I’ve maxed up Pyroraptor and Nasuto too… Very satisfying!

How do you guys get them so often? I only get a locked Dino like every 2 months.

The VIP events…

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I’m non-vip.