The long term game



Dracorex gen 2.

These dinos have 1 thing in common - they are very effective short term solutions.

Very effective. As in, if you have them in your deck and levelled pretty high, they will do quite well for you - until the next major patch usually.

I see them as a temptation. I am choosing to focus on the long term game - the uniques.

Anyone else doing this? Is it a bad approach for the competitive player? What are your thoughts?


Yeah, this game will keep running for years, so its just better to focus on legendaries and uniques, instead of focusing on commons that may be good in the short term, but that will inevitably get nerfed in the long run.

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I think the biggest giveaway is that they each have a very limited moveset of 2 hits …

To last in this game, a Dino has to be more than a one hit wonder.

More moves with a variety of uses is what’ll take a Dino to the endgame