The Lord of JWA

I’m starting to get the hang of the tablet and Krita. So one of the first things I drew is of course the Lord!


I dont have a drawing tablet :pensive:
only a mouse.

I love it =D!

I actually used to dabble in a bit of art myself in my younger years, but sadly I had to give up my art career after the judge ordered it…pfft, “counterfeiting” my ardonto, what did he know -_-!

Mouse works too, it’s just a lot of pain. Animating vector arts for a game i’m working on gave me a lot of right hand pains. Glad i can now get more movement accuracy with less effort.

It’s one of the few things I am ok at (including writing stories), since I’m not into the logical side (maths and I just don’t get along).

The last time I tried mathematics there was radioactive material left over lol

But as a result I have become great at maths, watch…

13826 ÷ 1047 × 12 = Calculator!

Try functions X_X Derivatives, then integrals. Nightmares.

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