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The Lost Species

Where Brachiosaurs or Brontosaurs & compsognatus or compy…? I can’t find it…

Well keep in mind that until pretty recently, Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were considered the same genus (and still are very similar, there are certainly plenty of much less closely related ones they could choose to do). The brachiosaurus, who knows? It’s in JWA, and players have been asking for them to add it for what seems like forever. Perhaps it will be the “most requested feature” that is being added (I don’t really think so, since that’s not really a “feature”). If you’ve seen my post about the poll for players to vote for the things they most want, the Brachiosaurus is one of the things to vote for (it’s definitely been one of the most popular).

Thanks for your description…
I hope they add the missing species… :slight_smile:

I want to ask, why does my application sometimes ask for data updates? Is this a bug or an error on my mobile phone system? even though other game applications are not like that … (Android OS Pie)