The Lost World question

Ok so im watching The Lost World on Blu-ray right now and its the scene at the start where Ian Malcolm is being told about “Site B” by John Hammond. Anyway John says he wants the “Team” to answer a thousand questions and Ian says something along the lines of “Ok so there’s another island with dinosaurs, no fences, and you wanna send people…very few people…on the ground? And who are these FOUR lunatics?”

How did Ian know there were specifically four team members? John only ever mentions a “team” not how many are going! I even hit rewind and listened to the scene word for word again and nope, not one mention of how many were going!

Anyone else pickup on this? im assuming its just a goof yeah?

Pretty sure IMDB has picked up this goof, maybe you can check it out just to be sure lol.

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Maybe he got a buff and that’s why his role was nerfed in fallen kingdom

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Probably because it was written on his script. :joy:

Yeah sounds like someone goofed up.

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I just checked IMDB and it’s there.