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The low epic is it DARWINOPTERUS?

I have looked at the statistics of the Epic compare to the rare or common, the Epics are the strongest but not DARWINOPTERUS because it is not weaker than a rare, no … it is weaker than a COMMON! !!!



Stats aren’t everything. Tarbo is extremely low in speed and their movesets are vastly different. Darwin is a Bleeder, Tarbo is a chomper.

Do I think Darwin needs a buff? Yes, I think it needs a bit more HP. Do I think its useful? Absolutely


The stats are a bit misleading. Since Darwin is a bleeder, it’s attack stat doesn’t matter as much. So it’s made a lot faster. But it could probably still use a buff, maybe to HP or something?


Darwin is one of the worst epics, and possibly worst in terms of stats. However it’s moves make up for it.

If you swap in wound + pinning strike + swoop you are going to have some decent DoT, and your opponent can’t even swap.

A possible buff could be to give it cleansing swoop or buff its health to 3600