The Lowball Challenge

So this is kind of like @Sionsith ’s Infinity Battle Challenge , except instead of it being on the Infinity Battle, it’s on Dominator battles.


  1. You are attempting to use the lowest total team ferocity (TTF) possible. TTF is the sum of the ferocity of all three team members.

  2. You cannot use fodders.

The reason for this rule is that fodders bring down the overall team ferocity without actually providing any challenge, since the fodders allow you to carry a huge main while keeping team ferocity low.

  1. Screenshots required (although I kinda figured that would be obvious)

That’s it for now. You’re free to use any legal methods, such as 3A 1D Cheese, to complete your task

With that being said,

Let the games begin!


Here’s the first entry

Team ferocity of 11,445 but we all know that’s child’s play :sunglasses:


So then, is it the lowest AVF but still wins the battle wins?

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Make the challenge for only lvl 99s, as in tourney dom I can literally win with lvl 10 vips making my AVF about 2600. Maybe it’s level based.

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I think there has been some confusion. I guess I don’t know what AVF means, but it clearly isn’t team ferocity (I’m actually gonna call it total team ferocity now).

The point of this challenge is to find just how low the total team ferocity (TTF) can go without the matches being impossible. I’d be willing to bet that Lvl 10 VIPs is not the lowest you can go.

Also, the level 99 you mentioned is the Infinity Battle Challenge @Sionsith (I’m sorry for the double ping) created. This is specifically for Dominator League battles, as this challenge came from 2 places.

  1. A meme that I and another user who I will not ping again made on the Gigantophis thread.

  2. A question I’ve had for a while about what it truly takes to finish in Dominator. I’ve lowballed my way through most tournaments compared to some other users, and it’s a question I’ve had for a while.

The point of the challenge isn’t if you can win with some slightly weaker creatures, the point is to see how far you can push Dominator and its matchmaking before it breaks, as I’ve had friends who played this game that missed tourneys because they thought they couldn’t do it (spoiler alert, they could). I don’t want to see other people have that problem and get discouraged because of it

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It’s easy for low lvls like me, my team ferocity can go as low as lvl 10 vips, so it’s generally easy due to my low level.

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This is a very common combination that I’m using. Total team ferocity of 10514,6 (when using the normal stats and not the adjusted +/- stats in the picture). Tank herbivore like lvl 30 therizinosaurus, lvl 20 einiosaurus (even a little lower total ferocity) or lvl 10 apatosaurus, followed by lvl 10 diplosuchus and lvl 3 dimetrocarnus. Win more than 95% of the battles.
When entering dom, ostaposaurus lvl 10 and I rex lvl 10 suffice instead.


After a couple of false starts

This one was almost there

No chance here

This one had promise but fell victm to Psychic AI Syndrome

These girls (total Ferocity of 7429), got the win along with 39 trophies


I’ll get some for u. I’m absolutely insane at lowball victories. My personal best was with a level 20 diplotator and I beat out an antarctopelta maxed and a level 20 stegoceratops and a level 20 tanycolagreus. I got no SC bc it was almost a year ago but I’m really proud of it lol. I’ll try to replicate something similar

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That’s cuz were low levels, we get low ferocity battles too


Ten char

The theory goes that lower level players get easier matches. The evidence is pretty anecdotal as no actual hard studies have been made. This could be a way to verify. So, I say bring it on @Acrocanthosaurus and @Jahq


I feel like my battles were equal difficulty

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Some really close ones

I almost got that one with Sarco but Acro went for 3A 1R a turn before I predicted it would.

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Interesting mechanic, several months ago I took some data on the minimum average ferocity in each league. This is what I shared

Without using the FMF strategy, I think this is the least that I got a winnable showdown with. I’m not too far from Dominador right now, I’ll try some other tell us.


Lvl 10 Nundag
Lvl 10 Diplos
Lvl 30 Presto
Total ferocity 6437
40 trophies


1 more for fun
5844 total team ferocity
40 trophies
I think a very big part of it is the luck of the draw in what you get matched up against


In PVE, 100% we get lower ferocity battles. I saw a lvl 91 with nearly the same lineup, mine being a bit stronger, and my F4F was WAYYYYYY easier.

But what about tournament fights

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