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The Loyalty pack question

So i have this little situation in wich the game is basicly involved in a conspiracy to keep me from getting lvl 20 Jurassic VIPs (i do have lvl 20 aquatics and Cenozoics), and it’s driving me slightly insane (:joy:). Currently i have 14k loyalty points and so far, my strategy has been to build up 20k points, see if the 20k pack offers me a dino i already own, and if not, i open a Solid Gold pack and repeat. However, after several weeks, this hasn’t achieved anything as all 20k packs would offer me a new creature. What’s the best strategy for someone like me, to keep going on with this method and hope for the best, or to open a Solid Gold pack as soon as i can?

Short answer: I’d open the 10k packs every chance you get.

Longer answer: I keep 50k loyalty points in reserve in case something absolutely stunning comes along (like maybe a Proceratosaurus offer). Otherwise, as soon as I hit 60k, I’m buying a 10k pack. Statistically speaking, this means I should have across-the-board same level VIP creatures, but, as anyone who’s studied statistics knows, even randomnness is random. So in actuality, I have loads of Brontotheriums and Thylacosmiluses (one level 30, one level 20, and one level 10 each), but I have only one single level 10 Pterodactylus. In other words, it’s totally normal for players to get uneven distribution of the seemingly-random VIP creatures. It’s just how randomness and statistics work (now I feel like Dr. Malcolm explaining chaos theory using the butterfly effect). If I roll a die six times, in theory I should get each numeral once. In reality, though, I’ll probably get the same number two or even three times, and then some numbers not at all.

Short answer again: I say keep buying the 10k packs.

If you get overloaded with certain creatures, just don’t evolve them past level 20 until you have a deep enough bench to keep everything about the same ferocity.


@Kiarash_Bahar I would agree with @HanSoloWannaBe. If you keep getting 10k packs eventually you will start getting duplicates, triplicates, etc… of the same creature and you can evolve them or keep them at lvl 10. I have been using this strategy for awhile now and it seems to be working very well for me.


I definitely feel your pain, I’ve had kind of the opposite issue with my loyalty packs as I kept getting the same dinos over and over, resulting in having far too many of a single class (I had FOUR Tylos in my aquatics before I got any other class of VIP, and likewise had more more VIP pteros than all the other Jurassics combined until recently). If you are a VIP, the Trading Post will frequently give you offers for 11K points (or DBs) for the VIP creatures so you can always keep that amount in reserve in case one of those pops up that you really want. Personally though it’s not worth it to me to give up the additional resources you get in the 10K pack as well as the loyalty points you get back. And after weeks of always getting repeats of ones I already had, I’ve been on a nice streak of always getting new ones, first getting a pair of Henodus to round out my aquatic lineups, and this week was particularly thrilled at not just getting ONE of the herbivore VIPs for the first time, but got one of EACH of them. Really really been hoping to get those for some time.

Personally I wouldn’t rush to level them up though, you need a pretty deep bench for that to be of any real benefit as Han said, I personally have not leveled any VIPs up yet other than a few of my jurassics once I had 3 or more of the same one, and only once I had enough between the VIPs and legendaries at level 30+ to complete several teams with different classes. It’s definitely really hard to be patient and not level them up when I have the ability to, but it leaves my daily PvEs a simple matter to complete in one run, and then I also have lots of fast recovering dinos to use for PvPs through the day. I’m not going to be able to get into Dominator yet, but leveling them up wouldn’t help me do that, not until I have a lot more than I have now. So for me, the more packs I can buy, the sooner that I get to the kind of numbers that I need. And doing a lot of PvPs daily with at least the Advanced prize wheel is a big part of how I earn the points to do that.


Thanks for the suggestions. I did open another VIP pack and i shall now get 10k packs as soon as i can. Got another Henodus. While it wasn’t what i originally wanted, it means now i have lvl 20 VIPs in all aquatic classes,wich is awesome.

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