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The luck of "Alita" has benefited me AGAIN!


It’s been half a week since I unlocked “Alita” and I have rised from the Lockdown ashes; but today she gave me the best of luck, just as I defeated another opponent I got this:

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Congrats! It won’t be long before she gets you into the swamp (aka Sorna Marshes).

Love my Indoraptor (now level 28)!

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All this talk of “Alita” is going to make me want to finally read the manga! :joy:

Glad she’s performing well for you, @Slogokok34


Thanks John


Or you could just watch the movie? You will be entertained. No doubt.

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You do know that the incubators are completely predictable, right? They go on a rotation.


Yeah but if you don’t keep up with the rotation it’s a pleasant surprise every time :wink:

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Yes, that’s true. I don’t keep up and it’s definitely always a surprise.

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I was going to say that


Jus cause why not

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So I was fighting against a suchotator with “Alita” and she already got hit by a draco; the sucho went for lethal wound after I went for evasive stance, I thought I lost because I knew he would go for nullifying impact but instead it went for the instant distraction, I cleansed (the picture explains what happened next)


And won
(thanks for raven for the gif)