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The luck thread

This is the thread where you can post your incredible luck. Battle, map, Incubator anything is allowed.

Story: My brother @Mxplayz found a para lux and a sino at the same time.

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I got a 50 pop on ankylodociurous
and after 1 minute got a 50 pop on ankylocodon
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 10.43.43 AM
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 10.43.31 AM


I got 99 Irritator DNA. One week later I got about 50

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2 uniques in a few days

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There was 1 time where I misplayed really badly (should be using defensive rending attack instead of fierce strike since fierce strike does not have enough damage to kill the opponent’s smiloceph). Fortunately a crit is landed and killed the smiloceph.

Used baryonyx and the opponents got my dude to 1 hp with crit. Then I attacked it was crit. After that it died from critical damage

I was facing against an indoraptor but when I use declaratively rampage for Dip I found out that when I use it will only live indoraptor a little bit of health left but then a crit landed killing the indoraptor

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used erlindom angainst indoraptor got crit and landed on it and killed him

I beat the red team epic strike yesterday with 200 hp left on rex

I got a 100 fuse on dakotanops which got me to exactly 200 dna to unlock her.

My luck is so great cuz I continuously get matched up with KingDreadnaught and the other top p2w players. I’ve been f2p since day one. When I get matched with these players and they spam me with all the paid emotes I just laugh so hard. Congrats on spending money to beat players that don’t spend money you winner!!

Do I win? @TheGamingSpyx

I hate you xD, you unlocked lux 3 weeks after me but now you have more dna despite i took it down every week xd

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Don’t worry my first 1-4 times I got 15 then I got 20-25 for like a long time. Also I am at 90/100 rn, to next week it will be lvl 27!!!