The Ludia Buyout - Your Thoughts on Game Impact?

The purchase of Ludia went through 3 weeks ago. Given the state of the game - bugs, lack of a boost reset, etc I am curious what people think will happen with JWA under the new owners.

What do you hope will happen as a result of the purchase?

Then, what do you think will happen?


I’m not sure anything will change honestly. The only thing having new corporate owners would change is the game’s moneymaking strategy, and I don’t think there’s any reason for the game to become less P2W from their perspective. Anything small like bug fixes is beneath them, so the devs aren’t going to treat them any different than they do now.


Yeah, I wonder if there will be fewer bug fixes (if that’s possible). I do worry that they may milk the franchise even more than Ludia did and just let it run out (apex incs for sale?). Could have also been part of their decision to discontinue boosts resets?


The company I work for was bought out a couple years ago. It changed our name. Nothing changed job wise but the company now has a higher profit target under the new owner.


That is fairly typical from what I have seen @Oriondestiny. Higher profit target - try to increase margins and lower costs. This often means a push for increased monetization and reduced maintenance.


I guess they will look upon it as a business like any other.

Do the majority continue playing despite the bugs not getting fixed?

Do the majority keep playing despite the lack of a ‘fair’ boost shuffle not being offered?

I guess the answer to both is yes.

Other than the big spenders who will buy scents, and lose 50% of their boosts when reallocating them, It’s obvious that the main revenue will come from newer players who want to progress quickly in the first few weeks or possibly months of play. These players won’t realise the futility of spending money until they’ve already spent some!

So I can’t see much changing but it would be nice if we could see some proper balancing in the future to allow us to feel we are making progress. I’m struggling to even get close to where I was 6 months ago in matchmaking and that sucks. But I guess mid Library is the worst place to be at the moment.


I do wonder if boost resets are a thing of the past now. My guess is they will want to squeeze every nickel they can out of it.

My hope is that they set out a strategic roadmap to fix bugs, balance the dinos (and pigs, birds, deer, etc.) and make the player experience good. I would probably not play those odds however.

my thoughts are they have stalled boost resets and the other things they have done to boost the margin make it look better to the buyer…its sold its done so they will give us a boost reset now and give us nice pretty things to keep people in for the new guys…at least thast what i would do

If I were them I’d just sell boost reset tokens (that remove all the boosts on one dino) for a few bucks in the shop and limit them to one a week, and only one held in your inventory at a time. That way they could make money and the players could fix anything that got majorly nerfed, but it wouldn’t be exploitable (people changing their entire teams before a tourney, for example).


This idea could work. Would potentially create a new revenue stream for them, which will be important to the buyers.


@Castal This is an excellent idea and one that would solve so many of the issues with the boosts.

I hope it is implemented sooner rather than later!

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And it would allow Ludiato move things around and change the meta without people getting too upset. I mean people would still lose a lot of coins and time, but you would not lose 3 investments every time the meta changed.

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I like this idea. I might even buy into this saying they don’t go all out greedy like 1000 cash for an epic scent.

If I knew how, I would make a poll of, “What is the most you would pay for a boost reset per creature in game cash, meaning at what point would you say it would not be worth the real money to buy or time to earn it in game?” 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000.

I don’t know if the price is different in each country but you can add behind each number how much real money each of these are worth based on one or all of the cash products you can buy. Or just let the players figure it out.

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