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The Major Issue

I see a lot of players talking about the issue of the game crashing and freezing nearly every time you try to do anything. However, I do not see any players talking about how the events are literally unbeatable. As of right now, I have completed the “Hybrid Showdown” event 6 separate times along with completing the “Amphibious Assault” 3 separate times. However, after every time I collect the pack, the game crashes and then says I haven’t completed any battles for either event, but it does say my dinosaurs were used in a battle. I have the patience to constantly reopen the game due to it either crashing or freezing, but you literally can’t complete any objectives because the game will reset your progress.

This means you can’t collect S-DNA, B-DNA, or any Daily Objective Rewards, which is really bothering me as I am extremely close to my first Indoraptor. So I am assuming all effected players will receive the rewards in the mail soon? Cause I have lost over 100 S-DNA, over 400 B-DNA, all the Daily Rewards, and over 1500 VIP points, and there is no way for me to get them back because the game will not allow me.


Yes the game is actually unplayable…

I can’t even trade without the game crashing, and the response I got from support was “you need more GB of ram.”

Ludia needs to put out this dumpster fire ASAP.


Wow, that stinks. I have the game crash issue, but I’ve been lucky enough to keep progress on PVE battles as long as I finish them before it crashes.

My boss damage missions also update, except the damage one which unfortunately gives some of the most DNA.


My game crashes sometimes on tournament spin wheels but thankfully (most of the time) it says what u missed

We would like to welcome you with good news but, our game is literally falling apart lately. @Jolene_Harvey

I haven’t been able to complete a single mission today despite the fact that the community most likely knows my ambition on this. Yet I am sitting here my hands tied. So frustrating. :expressionless:

I would like to make a quick chat with a personel from the dev team, for real.

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Funnily enough, I was able to find an infinite trade glitch because of that same reason. For me, what I would do, is go into the trade harbor, do the very last trade no matter what it was, and it would always cause my game to crash. But when I reopened the game, not only did I get the resources, but it also replaced the trade I did with a new one. I was able to do this 20 times consecutively, so maybe you’ll have luck with it too! Just make sure you don’t refresh the trade harbor, because that is what caused me to lose the glitch

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I wish that’s what was happening for me. I just pushed roughly 200 trophies without the game crashing, then when it finally did not only did I lose all the previous trophies, but all of my dinosaurs and the rewards too


But beware of doing that further, 'cause even by this shape you are telling they now accept it as a way of cheating (which I don’t agree since this is an end product of their game’s lack of optimization) in their newest “Cheaters Protocol”, of which you can find the details here, in the segment of “Exploiting bugs to your advantage and not reporting them”.

[News] Jurassic World: The Game - Cheaters Protocol | March 10, 2021

I also came across to this glitch earlier in the day as I was in great need of food and was trying to get whatever related trade before the game crashes. Then I realised it started repeating so I stopped and didn’t go further, also because of my game didn’t let me to.

Basically I don’t recommend to do it again if you are willing to keep your current progress and to avoid losing it to a strange term. My 2 cents.

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NOOO did you contact support?

I’m sorry to hear that, Jolene_Harvey. The team is currently looking into issues of this type.

In the meantime, please consider contacting our support team at (with your support key included if possible) so they can look at your account. Thanks!

My issue is freezing in the boss image after lost the battle, and i can do damage and up his level but the damage after i reenter the game doesn’t count. And crashing several times during the game…i’m so happy😒


We have been informed that a team at Ludia is looking into it. So hopefully the events are playable again and everything runs smoothly.

One of the worst issues because i can play the tournament and do the events, but i lost all the progress, like is playing offline for many minutes, and the game crashes,…and after that all you’ve played is missed