The MAJOR problems after the update

So we all were excited about the update and all, but after this update, we learned that we shouldn’t have been excited, because a lot of things have changed and made the game more difficult, which are:
-duties are hard to complete now, level up 15 dragons, hatch 15 eggs etc, these duties will make you run out of resources quickly,and will slow you down from opening your chest.
-Since those hard duties will slow you down from opening your chest which doesn’t contain energy any more, which made it kinda not worth it, 10 minutes to get 1energy, and on top of that we don’t get extra energy, most if not all people are seeing this chest as not worth it now. We have to get extra energy, we can’t do anything without it.
-The alpha chest, which used it to he the best in the game till now, and it’s said before clans was released, that we are going to get the best rewards in the game from it, what are the best rewards now? Less fish? Only 1 sheep? Less scales that many people lack? No runes AT ALL??? The rarest resource in the game. So now, both the hard chest and the alpha chest are destroyed.
-Speaking of duties, the duty breed two dragons together twice, is not helping, it will just slow down people who are trying to breed dupes they need or specific dragons they want.
-The bonestormer quest, I think we should at least get the 2* or the 3*, I know they are hybrids and not any random species, but I guess that’s why the quest is called “bone stormer homecoming” and not only getting boneknappers and storm cutters, because we already got them and we were ready before the update to start breeding for them right away, but a specific breeding duty is slowing us down and giving us orders to what to breed.

  • now for bugs, Astrid’s duty is not advancing no matter how many bettles you play, so making the duties hard is easy and on top of that they are bugged, so now, the worthless hard chest now, takes a long time to open because of those hard duties, and that stupid cooldown.
  • The health bars of the enemies is not appearing, so it’s up to you to guess how much HP is left for them to die.
    -when you activate the light Fury’s ability, you can’t see her plasma blasts, so now they became disappearing blasts.
    I just mentioned the bugs I know, and I know that there are other bugs we just still didn’t discover yet. And all the duties should be back the way they were before this update, they are already hard for players who have been playing since the release of the game and even harder for new players, which will result in people losing interest in this game.we are enjoying the game so nobody wants if someone comes in and makes him not enjoying the game using annoying bugs and hard duties and prevents him from getting the great rewards he used to get. We should get our previous rewards and duties, what happened was disappointing, I thought the duties were going to become less harder but it turned out I was wrong.

The duties right now are already quite hard for people that are far into exploration like me who is in badlands. But what for those that just started playing. As far as im aware the repeatable quests in a region like Frozen Thundra gives on average 6 eggs, 1250 coins and 2750 fish. Imagine having to complete a duty like gathering 20k coins or 40k fish. It would take 15 or 16 battles for them. SO here i am wondering if they would even be able to open an easy chest each day (since they likely also don’t have acces to all of the duty characters)


I mostly agree with you and like to thank you for this wonderful structed summary.

  • I think most of us don‘t mind some duties that were made harder such as „Win 6 battles with a specific colored dragon“ instead of „Win 5 battles …“ and for me, I even don‘t mind the „Hatch 15 eggs“ that is quite easy to prepare for. I don‘t want to waste resources on my leveling fodder and before the update I was sometimes stuck at „Leveling 10 dragons“ for 3 days or more, so „Leveling 15 dragons“ is absolutely killing me. In addition it seems like duties as „Pet 1 dragon“ and „Train 1 dragon“ just disappeared and there is no compensation of the timeconsuming duties with hatching and leveling, thus no time to prepare for hatching.
  • I‘m not sure if there is a shortage of gold and fish in the Duty Chests (because I‘m stuck at 14/15 keys due to Astrid‘s not-working-quest) and that wouldn‘t be too bad for me, we have daily quests that can give us enough resources. But no energy in chests? I agree, it‘s not worth it anymore.
  • Speaking of chests, I‘d have understand to cut the amount of runes from Alpha chests down to the half, but no runes at all is not a good deal, even if we‘re getting TP now. The scale shortage … nothing to say about it. I‘m only waiting for an offer for a scale package after this shortage, so that Ludia could make more money …

And I‘m not surprised anymore but disappointed anyway that Ludia can‘t put out a single update that fixes bugs and doesn‘t cause new ones. I did some programming by myself and can hardly understand why they keep pushing out new content and fixing bugs at the same time - that‘ll never work.
I think no one would mind loading a minor update every two weeks that only fixes one or two well-known bugs and does nothing else. I‘d be happy about such a deal.


I just want to mention that the shortage of fish I was talking about is in the alpha chest not the duty chest. And yes, I agree that minor updates will be better than waiting a month and a half or more for one update that will fix bugs and give new ones then wait another month or more for another one, it will kinda be like an endless cycle.


I am not going to pay for VIP if the duties and rewards of chest are like this.
I feel like I was cheated because I just subscribed for another month, but the rewards are reduced suddenly.


Me too…paying for this chest is bs

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Agree completely with this. As someone who has never considered quitting this game (considering how hard it is and the constant grind), the chest updates have somehow made this game even more difficult, less rewarding, and more resource heavy.

It’s ridiculous really.


The more I’m learning about the update the worse its becoming. I really get that they wouldn’t want people to be waiting to open their chests, but the way they do it is just terrible.

Also i think that in this patch we’ll be getting even less energy and resources than we did 2 patches ago.


Not to mention, that Battle Conquest duty is not working.
Win 7 Battles with dragons of each color - did at least 4 wins and nothing happened
Win 7 Battles with a Blue dragon in Any mode - same story, nothing happens

Honestly, If i had a chance to choose whether to update or not, definitely wouldn’t!


I can’t wait another month or more as always just for an update that will bring more terrible things and annoying bugs,because by then I would have stopped playing this game, I want things to go back the way before very very soon.


This conquest duty bug is not a new one…and yet it happens again after most patch day…wonder what are those tech doing


If we would return at least the runes in the alpha chest, and then so interest in general will disappear why I then created a clan of people brought to action and we reached 7ll chest to stay with an empty place in the end return everything as it was before

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Gonna agree with all of the above, basically subscription is for a bunch of runes now OR at least that’s how it feels, subscription should be new and exciting things each month, you’re paying real money for all the good stuff, where is it?

Duties aren’t fun anymore, I’m out of eggs, I’m low on dragons, I’m trying to do 6-8 runs at TP for Stormfly in 4 days, plus bonestormer homecoming AND daily Scale quests, but seems like it’s not happening…


I unistalled the game long time simply because of non-sense updates and absurd quests added by their development team. You should all do the same, since they don’t care about their players even for the one that paid, they don’t even care the game have bugs and you lost a lot of energy which you need to wait ages to refill. I was simply coming back to their forum to see if they did something, but it seems that playerd are more and more upset with this game. I am so happy that I removed this absurd game from my phone. They seem to break the game even more that is.


Update is garbage. Just roll it back and start over.

Was going to sign up for premium but not to get this type of fixes.

You’re making it impossible to get chests by eliminating petting and training not to mention the battle counters don’t work.

Roll it back or lose users.


What OP said. With the changes made to chests and energy you basically killed the game for alot of us. Why pay the premium sub when you hardly ever get chests? You need to adresse this ASAP as alot of players in the top clans are considering leaving the game.


This update is bad. Pretty BIG *. In my opinion there are only 3 things which are good in this update: 1. Murmurquill nerf
2. Skullcrusher buff
3. Not getting a 2 star from a 4 star
There are only 3 things that I like. Bugs are still here. Duties and chests are nerfed. This update is only a moneygrab from us. They want our money to invest it to energy and runes. Well now I know that if there will be an update, I’ll not be hyped.


Because the game became so hard and not fun after this recent update, one of my clan members just left the game, can’t just everything go back the way it was today or something? Before its too late and hundreds of players will quit playing. It won’t kill anybody if we get what we used to get from the previous patch.


people are leaving en masse… cause its a grind… and honestly kinda boring


Hey Vikings, we really appreciate all the feedback that everyone has, and I’ll be sure to share them with our team. Regarding some of the bugs mentioned, our team has been notified as well.

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