The map; another 5 outdated things nobody's talking about that much

Everyone’s complaining about how things in recent months have become outdated by a large margin mostly our hard worked dinos. But nobody’s talking about 5 things in the map that have bothered me lately and I like to hear opinions since I’m just bothered but not really angry about it;

  1. Nests
    The last time nests have been updated was to spawn Haast G2 and Lania I believe, which is more than a year already. Gorgonopsids, megafauna and a bunch of new dinos have been added at a large scale. But why is Velociraptor the only thing that spawns in stations, why no Pyro or Dakota? Why is Acro not spawning in restaurants along with other big theropods? Why don’t megafauna have nests yet?

  2. Hybrid spawns
    We already have a severely RNG based diluted pool everywhere especially every time something new gets added to the map. But ever since 2.0 they’re all just regular creatures. The same hybrids have been (rarely) spawning ever since with no changes which is either a good or bad thing. We have Inostherium and a bunch of non exclusive non superhybrid epics like Velosrhacos and the Andrew hybrids but still we only get Nodopato and Majundasuchus every time. Either add the new hybrids which will make things a bit more RNG, or remove them completely when you can somewhat easily dart most hybrid spawn components anyway and give more spawn chances.

  3. Daily spawns
    Carno, Gorgo and Echo are really the only spawns most people care about nowadays. The way daily spawns work until now IMO is inherently neither good or bad, it’s just there asides from everyone going crazy about Carno. But a year in with no changes in dinos spawned alone still feels outdated. Either making them scentable or removing the mechanic entirely will make things more RNG so maybe be a bit careful about that, but why epics are still not part of the rotation makes me scratch my head. Again caution with this 1 if they ever change it since it’s more on a tightrope atm.

  4. Short-range spawns, mainly Lux
    Ok this might not be that unoticed, but the last thing being changed for more than a year now is Lux spawning global anytime and nothing else. This is probably really decisive since some players have a maxed Lux and Parasaurtops while some (probably most) have barely enough to level the hybrid, some like me have barely to get it to 20 just because of how RNG it spawns even compared to Megisto. Clearly everyone is not getting hit with the intended desire of how much Lux spawns and that clearly needs to change now it has a hybrid. Removing short range completely or making just Lux a scentable anytime is really the only solution map wise since it’s SUPER RNG. Placing Lux in sancs is another topic.

  5. Raid boss lobbies
    Probably controversial but I don’t want a giant Mortem walking in my map. This is regarding to all raids in general and not just apexes. Exactly why do we have to battle bosses from the map asides from having them look “cool”? Wasn’t raids advertised as a “home based activity” whether there’s a pandemic or not? And why are lobbies still this problematic until now? Losing it when you timeout when you have to drive a mile to get a specific lobby might be the worst. Rant aside how about the map specific issues. Why are they more RNG to get every week? Why do they have to take the spawn points originally intended for drops and nests? Why do we have to go out and do them for ages compared to 3 step strike towers? Why is Carno stopping us from darting that Stygi next to it? Why is Posti stopping us from opening that chest? Why do I go to a “create lobby” screen when i pressed that drop? Why are this minor to major issues still not changing for more than a year now when we have fusable apexes coming? So many things be done like a map filter or fixing raid hitboxes but still nothing. Again I’d prefer that spawn point for Gorgo be a drop and face Gorgo in the battle menu. Personally strike towers work on the map but raids don’t.

Again I’d like to hear other opinions whether they’re positive or negative.


Yeah i waited for 5 minute for someone to join my t.rex raid even though its at night

Lux spawns have got to be broken, because yeah it feels like half of the community has it spawn like any other common dino and are rolling in the dna, while the others (including me) see it once in a blue moon. I think I’ve seen maybe a grand total of about 5 or 6 no matter where I go.


Same here. Including the special events…

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Missed that 1. Carno personally feels like the only thing that changed this week

What I don’t get is why on Thursday you see 10 gorgosaurus per hour and on Friday only 2 carnotaurus per day. I wonder if the spawn rates depend on your DNA inventory (I am at the visual cap for gorgosaurus obviously)…


It probably has to do with nests. I live next to alot of restaurant nests so personally gorgo is actually quite common here. Carno has no nest

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It’s possible it’s been badly implemented then. I have a bakery nearby and that’s where gorgosaurus spawns on any given day. But on Thursdays it’s literally everywhere. This doesn’t happen with carnotaurus. Somehow echo is only a daily spawn but appears more often than carnotaurus from what I have seen.

Possibly. Like when kentro was the rarest night spawn


By the way, regarding 4, I haven’t seen a short range spawn since August (even the common). I wonder if it has been deactivated. I used to see the common and the epic every once in a while.

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Just realized ludia ruined your name with this update :frowning:

Great post! Well put. Hate raid timeout bug way beyond any other bug. Why not just put everyone back in the lobby after RTO? Impossible to find paralux spawns too.


That has to be because of the spawn point resets. Thats probably very bad RNG on your end. Even if short ranges are more leaning to the negative side of things, that is more of a problem on raid lobbies taking spawn points aswell

This is really a problem when theres only 1 person in a server has that specific lobby, has to walk a few meters or a distance just to get it in range, has a busy life outside the game and has to keep passing the lobby to those who still need to do it only to loose it and repeat the process

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I felt myself very lucky to have enough DNA to unlock it.
As soon as I played my first few matches post update, I was shocked that I met one. There were already dozens in the first few days (L29-30). There are hundreds of maxed ones roaming around today.

We must be missing out on some secret.
Just by raiding, you need 85 weeks in average to unlock and level up to 30. Buying packs it’s too limited and obviously expensive. So, I don’t know where those few hundreds of maxed Parasauthops are coming from. I definitely don’t find them in the wild :woman_shrugging:

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Happy Holidays @Wrothgar1 !


Mf!!! Long time my friend :slight_smile: Happy holidays to you as well!!


I seen a Lux yesterday, so it’s still up.


So lucky!!!

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what do you mean by ruin my name