The marathon dino planning. Your final 8 endgame dino?


In this coin drought game, it might be good to plan for long term so you dont waste resources. And unless you have a thick wallet, you cant expect to get all the dino in the game to end game level.

What do you think is your final 8? What dna do you need. Is it feasible with your home/work locals and how often they spawn?

Im thinking mine will be:

  1. Indo speed/evade/shield breaker
  2. Stegod tank/slow/damage
  3. Deilo - stun/swap/damage
  4. Utarinex - stun/swap/damage
  5. Tryo - shield breaker/immunity
  6. Magna - immunity/shield breaker/nullifier
  7. Dioraja - tank/counter/damage
  8. Monomim - evade/nullifier/speed

In total i have
Speedster - 2
Nullifier - 2
Immunity - 2
Tank - 2
Shield breaker - 2
Stun - 2
Swap - 2
Evade - 2
Counter - 1

As for dna
Trex - indo
Eurano - deilo
Sino - utarinex
Pyro - magna
Bary - tryo
Raja&anky - dioraja
Mono- monomim

Im expecting magna and dioraja will be the slowest to level as those 2 epics i verrrrry rarely see out in the open. Using 1 epic for only 1 end game dino, hopefully i can level them all relatively faster than spreading the dna thin.

Open for critique on my team if its a good end game 8 dino. And also for you to share your marathon plan. Lets hear it. :grin:


I just want to collect them all so I think my final 8 dinos will be the unique ones :heart_eyes:

For what concern arena fightings, I prefer to have a balanced level of all my current 8 dinos (if I can) instead of focusing on just few of them, cause in the long run who knows what will be the next dino to be nerfed? :sweat_smile:



Thats what im thinking now if all stats remain the same


At the moment I have 7 left to collect, so those 7 :laughing:


I’m not sure what 8 dinosaurs my endgame team would be, but I do know that Diorajasaur and the unique Dimetrodon who’s name I can’t spell would be on it.