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anyone else here noticed that almost everyone in Lockwood Estate uses either indoraptor, Thor, or both? when I check everyone’s teams around my rank, 90% of people have these two uniques. To be fair, I also use indoraptor, but still it’s just plain weird.

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They won’t go away until Gryospehere, as far as I know. I don’t get why so many invest in them, especially after 2.0, since there are way better options.


I really don’t get the Thor’s, you can just literally just alosino and you will fair much better, the indo’s have some thought put into them, they can at least cleanse and out speed a lot of creatures

Thor is a staple that people are reluctant to give up

there is also a lot of rixis, not as much as the indo’s and Thors, but still a lot.

Sarcorixis: Exists

Mammolania: It’s free real estate

Also, as I’m typing this I’m fighting a level 27 IG2. Don’t understand why people still use it. It does terribly.

Same reason why people still march max out as their first Dino… same reason why those people believe the only possible rotation you should ever use with max is rampage, rampage, ii

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And something is wrong with using max first?? Those are people who had it leveled high before nerf and now they’re stuck with it as it’s one of the highest dinos they have

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Absolutely, max is a terrible starter Dino regardless if it’s your highest level or not… it actually has bad match ups now so leading with it just leaves it open to be the first Dino dead if it gets one of those matches. At best it wins and sets your opponent up for a revenge kill.

Max is best used as a closer to finish a game. Not a Dino you lead with.

Using your highest level as a reason for what to lead with isn’t a good strategy. Way better to start with a Dino that was a swap out mechanic or something more rounded.

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Well what is the ideal starting dino?? In your opinion because maxima seems to have just as many decent matchups as most other things.

The ideal starter is usual fast, can 1v1 most things, and can take a hit. It also helps to have good setup for swap in.

I’m probably biased, but I’d say spinoconstrictor

Realistically, proly Dio


THANK YOU, Most AT-T’s are best played late when their counters are most likely dead

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I tend to use Dio or Rinex myself but I’m more willing to send Rinex if I have them both and save Dio for a guranteed good match up.

I never subscribed to the idea of sending your best Dino out first… unless you plan on swapping into something else. Your sending your first Dino out to die… hopefully it either kills your opponents Dino and prevents an easy revenge or creates an easy revenge itself. But either way it’s being sent off to die.

Unless your hoping for a 3-0 which in this meta is unrealistic why would you send your best Dino out to die.

If it has a rampage and run and can take out a Dino and replace itself with a fresh Dino that’s even better.

Playing Max last means your playing him at a point when you’ve depleted the enemy team to a point it has no answer for his high health and high damage.

Early today I played a game where my magna got draco’d but the rend resistance kept magna alive and the draco ate a rampage the problem for me was magna couldn’t kill draco that round and couldn’t take either impact. So I swapped to a full health Max… now My max was given up 4 levels and both were boosted but my max was able to eat 2 impacts and deliver the fatal rampage.