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The matchmaking system is unbalanced

The MATCHMAKING system in this game is highly UNBALANCED. How can I play to the seventh arena, then lose so many times in a row that I get knocked back to the fifth arena? And don’t say everyone loses sometimes. I have spent more than 70 bucks on this game, and no matter what I do, your supposed random matches never let me get past arena 6 for more than 1 match. It’s more UNBALANCED now than the beta even!

can i see your team?

Sure. Although I’m not sure how. I change it often too. I mostly use my higher ranked creatures, along with a couple of special attack ones.

Why does the matchmaking system only go by battle trophies. I have just under 2600 trophies. That puts me in arena 6. I just got stomped by a level 20 velociraptor, and a level 26 super hybrid. It’s not fair when you have to fight people who only belong in the top two arenas. I keep running across this problem. I overheard a couple of kids at a strike event talking about how they get bored with losing in the upper arenas, so they continually lose to get sent to the lower arenas. From there they constantly win for days on end beating out people who are struggling to improve. Now I’m no genius but that really is not fair at all to lower level people. I run across people in battle arena all the time that should be in a much higher tier.

I think the problem isn’t matchmaking. If higher arenas gave better incubators fewer players would drop down intentionally. Because the prizes are so similar quick wins make low arenas worth dropping to.

If that’s the case, then yes, it needs to change. I personally wouldn’t know about top tier arena prizes because I’ve never been able to get to them. I spend too much time losing to those who drop down intentionally. The matchmaking should go by dinosaur levels…not battle trophies. That’s truly the only way to be fair. And one more thing. I would rather pay for the game than have pay to win. People are paying to win and dropping down on purpose. It really ruins it for everyone else.

70 bucks is nothing in this game lol, i spent 3000 and my team look weak vs a lot guys team

WOW…3000 how many do you play? For that I hope they are gold plated Dino’s! I do tend to drop some change in games I play too normally over a period not at once otherwise it tends to make producer of the game lazy if they don’t have to work for it. When changes need to be made they have no reason too if everyone just throws good money after a poorly designed game that’s been my experience…Not saying this is poorly designed, but than it does have it flaws too…There are plenty of post with a united theme that scream something needs to be about the PVP battles! When they get hungry they will pay attention to the forum and make changes…

At start i bought alot of incubators who i regret now cause they are a waste, now i just grind and buy coins when i need and progressed more than just buying incubators

Matchmaking should definitely consider average dinosaur level in the team.



quod erat demonstrandum

Matchmaking is ok. It’s not about how strong your dinos are, it’s about strategy and calculating enemie’s moves. I’m at 3400 trophies at 11 level and I feel very comfortable there even without donating.

You have to learn how to play your dinos and how to deal with your opponent’s. Change your dino if it’s necessary, calculate moves, try to predict how your opponent will move. I see so many people making so foolish mistakes and of course they lose.

I guess that’s because there are a lot of people at 3400. Try to reach 3800, you may sometimes see me (4200). I always feel bad for those 3800 guys being matched to me, they have no chance beating me.

Matchmaking is okay? Says who? I am a L13 player. My dinos ranges from L16 - L21…

That was my opponent just now. What strategy can we apply then? Though I lost 3 - 2…

I am still puzzled how in battle a TRex comes out as faster than Baryonyx. Speed of 102 versus 124 respectively.

Oh my , level 30 !
I didn’t know any Dino’s reached that level !

I get so annoyed when I see people complaining about how unfair matchmaking is. You don’t know what unfair is until you get to 5000 trophies. EVERY good player is smashed again the 5k brick wall now and I’m battling people with teams of level 28 unique dinos who should probably be above 7000 trophies, if it were possible. I lost a few hundred trophies between last night and this morning because of the insane beasts I’m facing now. We’re all stuck up there and the savages can’t advance farther, so now they’re crushing the players that don’t have a team of dodging uniques.


Congrats on getting on the leaderboard.
For myself and probably most of us here, we battle in the arenas for incubators. Not medals actually.
Sometimes it is frustrating - especially when we keep on losing in a row - due to the unbalanced matchmaking problem. That’s the reason why some of us voice out our not so great experiences in the arena.
We have also encountered Indoraptors with ‘Evasive’ move - in the lower arenas. The outcome was as expected. 3-0 loss. Each and every move was dodged.
Hopefully, when we voice out these unbalances, something will be done. Until then we can only hope and wait…

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Normally RNG has given me more win matches than loses. I guess they heard me and decided to give some loses 7-0 in a row! What a screwed up system!